Haunted Spirit

by admin on December 15, 2006

Haunted Spirit

Haunted Spirit

Is Your House Haunted by Scary Creatures of the Night?

Your house is your sanctuary. You live in it, spend most of your life in it and deem it as the only place in the world where you can truly be yourself. Like a castle to a king, your house is your domain. Your house is where you rule and conquer. But what if it turns out that there are other unseen creatures of the night roaming in your said dominion?

It is rather difficult to mark a line between a door being shut because of strong wind and a door slammed by ghostly spirits. Though random events such as this could already spell out ghost hauntings, true ghost hauntings are still rare occurrences. The fact that it is so rare might actually make you a bit paranoid whether the eerie sounds you’re hearing, figures you’re seeing and the windows suddenly closing are really signs that your house is being haunted by scary creatures of the night.

To help you ease that paranoia, I’ve listed some signs that determine whether your house is haunted. Read them and determine whether you have experience such.

1. Unexplained Noises
You are all alone, but you hear strange foot steps outside your room. Not only that, voices of children playing in the garden can be heard, as well. The weird thing about it is that when you looked outside, no one was in sight. The sound differs from time to time. Sometimes, you hear the sounds of chains clanking or a faint cry of a woman during the night. You can’t explain where these strange sounds come from, and most of all, they bring chills up and down your spine.

2. Furniture Being Moved
You placed your coffee table beside your favorite couch. For some strange reason you can’t wrap your head around, you would walk into the living room next morning to find the coffee table moved to a different spot. You thought someone in your family must have done it, so you pass it up and let the strange event go. Just when you think it’s over, you wake up one day and open your eyes to find pieces of furniture all over the place in random spots. Clearly, one of those creatures of the night wants to make its presence known.

3. Creepy Apparitions
You point the camera and click the button. The picture comes out perfectly with three of your friends smiling, but a blurry creature seems to be caught by your camera, as well. In another instance, you look into the mirror and see the reflection of a hazy image behind you making your knees tremble with fear. If this has happened more than twice in your house, consider the thought of seeking a paranormal expert’s help.

4. Strange Feeling of Being Watched
You don’t see anything strange or hear anything spooky, but you always feel like someone is watching for you. The thought is enough to send chills up and down your spine. This usually happens in a particular part of the house.

5. Animals’ Weird Behavior
Your pets suddenly act in a strange way. Your dogs bark at no one and have that scared look to their actions. According to paranormal experts, animals have a way of knowing and sensing whether there are evil creatures of the night co-habitating in your house.

These are just some of the signs of a haunted house. If you’re unlucky, stranger and more damaging events might occur in your domain. Unfortunately, not everyone is sensitive to these signs of abhorring ghost hauntings.

So what do you do when you have already deduced that your house is haunted? Don’t waste time and call a paranormal expert to appease the spirits in a more appropriate way. Do so immediately and don’t wait for the ghosts to be destructive. This might seem surreal, but it is a sure way to put to rest the creatures of the night wanting to dominate your house.

It’s now time for you to ask yourself, “Is my house haunted?”

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Is the Kemper arena haunted by Owen Hart’s spirit?

Look, I know alot of people have asked this question. And all I want to know is have you seen his spirit with your own eyes or have you seen it on a website, or have photos. Please don’t lie.
What im talking about is on May 23,1999,
Owen Hart was at a paper-view for the WWE, and he was suppose to come down to the ring with a harnest, he did but it broke, he fell to the ring about 50 ft. and died. It was at the Kemper arena in Kansas City.

it most certainly is
ive been to Kemper many tymes because i live in Kansas City
and u can definately feel an eerie presence
u can feel that Owen is there and extremely unhappy that he died so horribly and suddenly
Owen’s spirit will always be in Kemper Arena until someone puts him to rest
but it doesnt look like thats going to change any tyme soon because no one seems to believe that he really does haunt the arena
but im out to prove that he really does because ive felt his presece for myself
i just wish i would have had a chance to see him wrestle for myself and i wish he was still around
RIP Owen – you will never be forgotten!!!

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