Haunted Spell

by admin on April 22, 2010

Haunted Spell

Haunted Spell

Hauntingly Holding Halloween Jewelry-Emerald Pendants

Halloween is a day which has originated from ancient Celtic festival of ‘Samhain’ which means ‘summer’s end’. This day is celebrated on 31st November every year. In addition, in Christian belief, this particular day is celebrated as All Saints’ Day too.

The term Halloween is a combination of two words All ‘Hallows’ ‘Even-ing’ derived from Old English.

It is believed, that on this day, the line between this world and underworld becomes permeable. Therefore, people pay respect to spirits of their ancestors and wear costumes to keep away bad sprits. In addition, this secular celebration of strong feelings and guise happens to be a joyful day for kids too.

As sun sets, Halloween fervor begins with children disguising as their favorite scary character, and continue the customary celebration of ‘trick-or-treating’. Going house to house, they get treats such as candy or sometimes money.

To mark this special eve of murky spell, it is best to offer your beloveds, some enthralling and awe-inspiring, flourishing green-hued pendants. Angara’s exclusive collection of intense and cryptic green hued pendant is a great choice amongst people during the season of Halloween.

Highest quality emerald gemstones are picked to set into various, meticulously designed artful conceptions within white and yellow gold.

An exquisite emerald pendant in white gold with diamond will create a mood for that midnight party with friends as you will wander through the crowd. Mesmerizing heart brilliant cut emerald, and airy clear diamond, brings forth the strength of the bond between you and the sacred spirits of your ancestors.

This truly exceptional emerald interlinked trillion pendant in yellow gold, gives a choice to adorn this lush-colored specimen of youth with sun-kissed yellow gold. This uniquely trance-like supple looking pendant would really match, especially with that Jack-o-Lantern costume of yours or with any kind of attire sported.

Whether you are a career woman, a lovely homemaker, or a young collegiate, emerald’s refreshing hue suits everybody with everything.

Take for example, this designer selection of emerald silver heart pendant. This exclusive choice proves to be an effective head turner, buy this compliment magnet, and become a subject of praise amongst friends and family.

Any designs you choose from the carefully assorted array of these aesthetic emerald pendants, they would soothe your senses and satisfy your style quotient. Tagged as best sellers by customers themselves, these tender-looking emerald pendants would always win you adulations.

Possess these magnificently naive and innocent looking emerald pendants with nature’s eye soothing green hue to win adulations and add an enticing colored gemstone in your jewelry.

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40 Winks — The Haunted & Ghost Spell

Help me out i want to go to a haunted house?!?

I cant spell very well so don’t laugh.I want to go to a haunted house.I would like to go to thirteenth door but i don’t know how scary it is.Im 12 but when im scared im like an 11 year old.Please tell me how scary it is.

It’s not bad at all

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