Haunted Amulet

by admin on February 16, 2005

Haunted Amulet

Haunted Amulet

Protection Advice: Protect Yourself From The Evil Eye(Black Magic)


When an evil eye curse affects a person, the victim is constantly under the influence of dark powers that haunt and torture the soul and physical body until the proper protection is found. According to some old beliefs there are substances and objects that can keep evil spirits away. They are silver, garlic, protective crystals, etc.

However, practice shows that there is nothing better than a Kabbalah amulet. If you want to protect yourself from the evil eye, you need to find that perfect Kabbalah amulet that will be in tune with your energy field and disposition. Evil spirits and energies simply cannot stand anyone who wears a protective Kabbalah amulet. The wide variety of amulets available now made it easy to choose something that will really fit your needs and situation, so most amulets are very individual. Moreover, they will not only ward off the evil eye, but also clear your house of evil spirits and bad luck.

In order to protect yourself from the evil eye, you need to talk to your amulet, call upon good spirits and ask for their protection. The amulet works as an intermediary between you and the good spirits. After the protection is granted to the wearer, those spirits will keep dark powers away and from that moment on will be on your side in good or bad times.

Another thing to do if you need to protect yourself from the evil eye curse is trying to avoid one at the first place. The evil eye curse may be invoked when someone wishes you harm so badly that they appeal to the supernatural powers to impose that harm on you. In order to avoid the evil eye simply try not to hurt the others and be in good terms even with your potential enemies.

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About the Author

Rabbi David Azulai, the great-grandson of the illustrious Rabbi Yosef Abraham Azulai, was born in Fez, Morocco in 1958. Rabbi David Azulai is the scion of a family of great “Talmidei Chachamim” (Torah Scholars) and “Ba’alei Mofes” (individuals who have the ability through prayer of performing miracles).

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The haunted amulet

can i please have help with my yu-gi-oh deck?

Can someone help me with my yu-gi-oh! deck please?
iv been dueling for a couple of years and know what i need to know about yugioh but recently i lost my cards and had to start over but my deck isnt exactly gr8 can any one please help me heres my deck


Black tyranno
Dark Magician
Cyber dragon
Gene warped warwolf
Alien shocktrooper x2
Obnoxious celtic Guardian
Mad dog of darkness
Luster dragon
D-hero defender
Exploder dragon
Chainsaw insect
Night assailant
Neo-Spacian grand mole
Archfiend soldier
winged kuriboh
winged k lv 10


pulling the rug
saku armour x2
rising energy
call of the haunted
trap H x2
M cylinder
triggered summon
Compulsory evac device
strike slash
shield spear
magic jammer


ancient rules
heavy storm
L. vortex
swords of R light
lighten the load
remove trap
amulet of amb.
malevolent nuzzler
card destruction
creature seizure
fairy meteor c

cyber jar, waboku, negate attack ,divine wrath,and pot of greed,and elemental burst would improve your game. if you have cyber jar face down in defense mode and divine wrath face down you can wipe out all monsters on the field plus you can draw five cards from your hand and special summon all level four monsters in your hand to the field.should there be a monster that automatically destroys monsters face down reguardless of their effects such as mystic swordsman level four you can use divine wrath to negate its effect. hope this helps

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