Ghost Meter

by admin on January 30, 2005

Ghost Meter

Ghost Meter

The Way Ghost Hunting Should Be Done

I just watched a ghost hunters program with a group called TAPS, the leader of the group said that Orbs are made out of pure energy. They said it like it was a statement of fact. Number one, pure energy does not and cannot exist (except on Star Trek). Why do you think Spock was so fascinated by something that was pure energy? The reason was the that Rodenberry researched his science and knew that Pure Energy was impossible.

TAPS probably watched that episode of Star Trek and took Spock’s comment as fact. How sad is that. Also there is entirely too much talking during TV investigations. I guess it makes it more exciting but it is getting old. If you are going to pick up good EVPs you need to shut up. When asking questions to an entity,

there should be only one person in the room, not two. This avoids the confusion for the ghost who is trying to figure out if you are talking to them or the other three bozos you brought along with you. I saw another television paranormal program where they were asking questions to a young 6-year-old ghost who died in the 1850s. Here is one of their questions: “If you are here can you please speak into this EVP device and indicate that you are present at this location.” That is not how a child talks. First of all there were no EVP devices around in the 1850s. Second, children do not use words and phrases like “indicate” or “present at this location.” If you wan to speak with a child ghost you need to kneel down on the floor and speak to them as a child speaks. In the previous example, what should have been done is this:


The correct way to obtain EVPs from a child female ghost is this: Place an EVP recorder inside a doll with the

microphone well hidden but located in the head someplace. Then you can tell the child spirit “This doll’s name

is Amy, and she wants you to talk to her. She is very lonely. Would you like to talk to Amy?” Then leave the

doll in the room and quietly exist the home. If there is a ghost of a little girl in that house then you are going to

get some EVPs.


We have watched all of the programs on T.V. covering ghost hunters and paranormal investigations. They all

have one thing in common; they do not know what they are doing. For example, one show had two investigators

setting up a Tesla Coil. When the coil was activated, their EMF detectors went crazy and they associated it with

“spirits”. What they fail to understand is that Tesla coils basically render any kind of electronic instrumentation

meaningless. In other words, the meters go haywire.


Other programs show ghost hunters running around with AC EMF meters. These measure one thing, man-made

electricity and I’m pretty sure ghosts are not using AC. What these hunters should be using are DC EMF



The amount of time spent on a site is also critical. Most programs spend just several hours at a location but no more than one night. To obtain useable information you need to spend at least several days on site. Otherwise you are just wasting your time. The public is eventually going to get tired of Orbs and EVPs that only the

Ghost Hunters can hear. It is time for Ghost Hunting to evolve to the next level and that is going to happen when people who have been trained in physics or electricity or engineering get involved. TAPS is a group of plumbers. As a result they will never advance beyond analyzing dust particles and squeaky doors.

If you are a ghost hunter who has no technical background, go enroll in a basic physics class and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Physicists hate dealing with the paranormal, so ask your questions in pieces. Don’t come out and ask”Do Ghosts Exist?” Rather ask questions like, “what are neutrinos”, or “what is the difference between AC and DC electromagnetic waves? Once you start down this path you could be the one who finally breaks through from our world into theirs. Look at ghost hunting as a physics problem and you will have much more success.

About the Author

Eric has been involved with paranormal research since the 1980s when a passenger in his car saw a large man in the garage where Eric was building his “dream car”. The passenger said the man was large and was looking over the roof of the car. Several months after this Eric was involved in an accident. He rolled over his dream car with 4 other engineering students inside.

By some miracle, nobody was injured. The car came to rest in front of a large tree. The tree had white paint from the car at 20 feet above the ground. Some years earlier Eric had a friend who was very big, his name was John Pokol. John died in a traffic accident in 1977 when he fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a concrete barrier on the side of a bridge in Western Pennsylvania. The car was a 1976 Monte Carlo. Eric’s car was a 1970 Monte Carlo. Since that incident Eric has been involved with finding the truth behind paranormal events and making contact with “the other side.”

Eric has also built the largest rail traffic control system in America located in Fort Worth texas. He is currently working to create a system so that trains do not run into each other. This system uses GPS and computers on board the locomotive that will “put on the brakes” if the trains get too close.

He has a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Applied Mathematics and lives in Los Angeles, California.

For more information visit Eric’s website:

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Ghost Meter

k2 meter is it good for ghost hunting?

is it good to Ghost hunt i heard it has alot of flaws to it and then i heard its really good tool to use will some one help me out what would be the best emf meter for ghost hunting tell

yep the k2 meter is good . expensive but good. one of the flaws with the k2 is it don’t filter out 60 HZ ( power line frequency ) but is still good.
I have seen meters out there that do filter the 60HZ frequency ..


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