Ghost Hunter

by admin on March 14, 2009

Ghost Hunter

Ghost Hunter

Ask A Ghost Hunter – Haunted Bathroom?

I have been ghost hunting for over 15 years, started the ParaResearch Foundation in 1998 and currently am the Director of Cincinnati Area Paranormal Existence Research (CAPER). One of the consistence questions I get from clients is about “strange” activity that occurs in their bathrooms. We’re not talking about plumbing problems or the latest decorating trends. What we are talking about is the “feeling of being watched, hearing strange noises or seeing shadow figures. For these people the question is: Why are their bathroom scary?

Well, there can be a few things that may account for your jumpiness around the bathroom. Mirrors reflect subtle movements that may have escaped your notice, drippy pipes creating odd noises, odd smells (I’m talking pipes here, not the more…obvious sniffs), etc.

Most activity can be explained by natural causes, not supernatural, so identify where the problem lies and if you still find no reasonable explanation for your uneasiness, start taking notes (when/where/weather conditions/who’s in the house). If you decide to investigate with a ghost hunting team later, this information will be invaluable.

Also, the close quarters in some bathrooms and what electrical equipment that is being used: hairdryer, curling iron etc. These items can elevate the emf fields (electromagnetic field). If you are sensitive to high emf fields this could account for you uneasiness in the bathroom.

One last word – another theory is a connection between the fluidity of water and that of spirit activity. It’s possible that the water concentrated in the bathroom may serve as a conduit between you and the ghosts. This could make you more susceptible to their presence.

About the Author

Joy is the founder of the ParaResearch Foundation, co-director of Cincinnati Area Paranormal Existence Research CAPER, an Inner Circle member with IGHS, a fellow at the American Society for Psychical Research, Ohio researcher for Neuropsychiatric Institute, and a freelance writer for numerous parapsychology magazines.

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how does someone become a professional ghost hunter in Melbourne, Australia? Is there such a thing?

I suppose you’d have to do some study in parapsychology – but I’m damn curious how people end up doing it professionally and end up involved in groups that end up on tv, investigating sites and that. Castle of spirits in particular.

Always wanted to be involved in supernatural, just never had the slightest of where to start.

Well, you are in the right place! Melbourne is supposed to be a ghost town! From what I hear, the whole goddam place shuts down shortly after 9PM every night.

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