Genie Jinn

by admin on August 11, 2007

Genie Jinn

Genie Jinn

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Question about Jinn and genies…?

asalaam aleikum

so a while back I read a book called “No go but God” about the origins of Islam. it’s by a Muslim, btw, so it wasn’t against Islam. I remember reading in the book how Arabs believed in genies (like the genie from aladdin, no joke, that’s what the book said). and “jinn” is the arabic word for genie. but they believed in genies before Islam. and the Quran says that Allah made jinn and humans only to worship him…
the first thing I thought about when I read that jinn is the arabic word for genie and that Arabs believed in genies long before Islam, was that Islam borrowed the idea of genies. I’m sorry if this sounds bad, but that’s what I was thinking as a non-Muslim. I just now started thinking about it again.
can someone please clear this up for me?
thank you.
the book is called “No god but God”

Wa Alaikum Salam

Surah Al Jinn in the Quran and the elements of the devil discribed to you by Allah SWT in the Quran show you that Al Jinn is not a genie.

YOu mean like daffy duck genie like I dream of genie? LOL! hahah lol!
Al jinn don’t offer anything but grief.

Ouzibillahi Mina shytan Al Rajeem
Bismillahi Al Rahman Al Raheem

Those who Prefer this world and Neglect the Hereafter;
“Whoever wishes for the immediate – We hasten to grant him such things as We will to whom We will. Then We have mark for them hallmark they will burn therein, disgraced and rejected.” (al-Isra 17:18)

SURE ALLAH WILL MAKE THEM IMAGINE ANYTHING THEY DESIRE. Its right there! If they want little green men, Allah SWT will give them little green men, but surely there is always a cost!

Edit: Tiger wanted to be a tiger all his life and now he ended up a cheetah! AHAH HALLMARK ANYONE! HAHAHHA!

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