Energy Reading

by admin on December 5, 2005

Energy Reading

Energy Reading

Conserving Solar Energy – Read This Carefully !

If it happens to be that you are interested about conserving solar energy, then do yourself a favor and check out this brief text, which will give you a new slant on the possibilities of solar technology. If you heard that you could get your hands on state-of-the-art solution which makes it possible to transform the vast power of the sun into useable electric power at a budget you can easily afford – is that possible? Keep reading the following article.

For many years, incorporating a solar power system into your home’s energy grid was often thought of as a noble gesture but was just too pricey for most, for many others it remained as a dream. Web searches for information on conserving solar energy have become common, which just proves that there are more and more people looking for ways to get started in the realm of solar energy.

I am pleased to announce the great news that switching to modern solar technology is now simple and most importantly affordable to anyone who wishes to get unlimited power at no-charge (unless someone finds a way to charge for sunshine)! The technology itself is already here for many years, although it remained out of reach for the majority due to the price; unfortunately we had to keep getting our power supply from the power company, all the while paying high prices for an essential need.

As you continue to further check about conserving solar energy, I want to share the news that, fortunately for us, a leading specialist in renewable energy wants to spread the word about a way for you to build solar panels and a device capable of converting the power of the sun into useable electricity without the need for any expensive or hard to find materials. I also found that there are a large number of people in the u.s. and globally who already enjoy the benefits of solar power, to not only generate enough electricity for their own use, but additionally, the electric company buys power from users who generate more than they need. Since it’s so easy to set up and put to use, the revolutionary solution is bringing major – and long-awaited – changes to the field of energy and electricity.

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Flaccid Ego Psychic Energy Reading 4/18/08 part 1 of 2

why is the reading of energy as in psychometry not considered science?

pschometry is an excepted form of reading the aura that all material holds such as flower auras animals, people auras , we can now even photograph auras at times. I do not think psychometry is supernatural and why do you?

Because it’s subjective.
…and no, we can’t photograph auras. Kirlian photography takes pictures of electrical activity, not auras.

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