Djinn Genie

by admin on June 15, 2010

Djinn Genie

Djinn Genie

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Queen Razia Djinn Genie Encounters Part 1.

Has anyone here ever had dealings or contact with a Djinn?

For those who are not familiar with Djinn, it’s an evil spirit, sometimes called a genie, as known in Islam.

Hi Tina…
the Djinn OR genies are not evil Quran Djinn are creatures of God like human beings and Angles….
human beings are made of Clay…
Genie are made of Fire…
angles are made of light energy…angles have no will to choose …so they just obey God.and pray to God…
the human beings and Genies have they can choose to be good or bad..and they can be as atheists..or Jews or Christians or Muslims…
bad genies are called devils..
Genies can see and hear human beings ..but we can not..may they live with us but in another dimensions..
about people who contact with genie..we know that prophet David (Soliman) had a servants from Djinn..
some people like witch doctors pretend that they can contact Djinn…most of them are liars …..
any way the Djinn can not harm human or they do not have a power on human coz they are just creatures of not right to afraid of them…..any one who have a strong believe in God will not has a fear of them..

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