Djinn Demon

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Djinn Demon

Djinn Demon

Those Amazing Creatures! Denizens of the Astral Plane

The Astral world is the abode of all sorts of life forms, with varying levels of intelligence.
You can meet all these inhabitants and even interact with some of them. Some of these entities may be completely indifferent to your presence; some may be friendly and others hostile. It is important to remember that these entities can cause you NO HARM whatsoever.

Let us arrange this immense variety of beings into Human, Non-Human and Artificial Entities :

A. Human
A2.Conscious Astral Travelers
A3.Dead people (Those who have moved from the Physical Plane)

B. Non-Human
B1.Fairies and Nature Spirits
B2.Astral bodies of animals
B3.Angels and other celestial beings (At higher levels)
B4.Demons (At lower levels)

C. Artificial Entities, elementals Or Thought Forms

Lets elaborate each one of them :

A. Human :
Meeting humans in the Astral Plane is a fascinating experience!

A1.Sleepers :
They are people who are untrained in the art of Astral Projection. They are dreaming more or less unconsciously and are not aware that they are on the Astral plane. If you happen to meet them, you will mostly find them in a daze, wandering aimlessly. They float dreamily about tossed by the various astral currents, occasionally recognizing other people in a similar condition. They may not respond to your gestures. If you meet someone you know, and try to talk to him, he may or may not recognize you. In the morning, he might just remember having a dream about you.

These dreamers meet with experiences of all sorts, pleasant and unpleasant. They wake up the next day with either a wonderful dream, or a grotesque nightmare!

A2. Conscious Astral Traveler :
They are people who know that they are out of their bodies. They may be new to the Astral plane, or they may be quite advanced. If you meet any of the advanced beings, they will help you in your Spiritual path.

There is also a class of conscious Projectors who use their powers for purely selfish purposes instead of for the benefit of humanity. Black magicians, their pupils and some clandestine tribes fall under this category.

A3. Dead :
The word “Dead” is a misnomer. These people are not dead and are very much alive just like us. The only difference between them and us is that they don’t have a physical body to return to. Many of us have had dreams of deceased relatives. In such dreams, the dreamer and the deceased are both in the Astral plane and attracted by to each other by strong emotional ties.

During your Projections you may come across people who have completed their time on the Physical plane. They may have just “arrived” or they may be quite seasoned and are there help others.

If you meet any Human in the Astral Plane, you may want to determine if he is unconscious, conscious or dead, the best way is to approach him with some questions. You may ask him his name, phone number or address, or even the date. If his answers are all garbled, you have probably met a dreamer.

If the answers are quite logical, you have probably met a conscious Astral Projector. If you can remember the answers yourself, you may try contacting the person here on the Physical plane, and verify if this person actually exists.

To be sure you met a deceased person, get his name, the era in which he lived, his address and if possible, other details of his life. Then, again, presuming you can remember all this information upon waking, if you can verify this information, then you can be sure that you met a deceased person.

B. Non-Human :
In the Astral, there exist entities, which never were human, and never will be, for they belong to an entirely different order of nature.

B1. Fairies and Nature Spirits :
Some of the Nature Spirits inhabit streams, rocks, mountains, forests, etc. Folklore of all nations believes in them. Their occasional appearance to persons of psychic temperament, has given rise to the numerous tales and legends. This class of Astral entities avoids the presence of man and prefer the solitudes of nature.

There are some Nature spirits who like to help people, while there are others who find delight in playing elfish, childish pranks. These spirits are not hostile and are generally peace loving.

They are called by different names like fairies, pixies, elves, brownies, peris, djinns, trolls, satyrs, fauns, kobolds, imps, goblins, little folk, tiny people, gnomes, sylphs, undines, salamanders etc.

B2. Astral bodies of animals :
This is an extremely large class and you may bump into them during your projections. They do not occupy a particularly important position on the astral plane because they usually stay there for a short time.

B3. Angels :
It is very rare to find Angels on Lower and Middle Astral realms. You find them mainly on Higher realms. They are there to guide you and protect you. They help you in your progress.

B4. Demons and the likes :
They are entities of the lowest order and are found only in the lowest regions of the Lower Astral. In most cases, if you ever happen to be in the Lower astral, you will not be able to stay there for long because your rate of vibration would be much higher and you will be propelled to the Middle or Higher realms.

But if you do encounter any such unwanted entities, just remember that they do not have any power to hurt you. Just command them to go away and they will vanish. They get attracted to feeble souls and try to frighten them. If you are strong and know that no harm can come to you, you can continue with your projection without problems.

C. Artificial Entities or Elementals :
Artificial entities or elementals are Astral matter which can be formed into almost any form by the power of thought or emotion. These artificial entities are not born in naturally, but they are the creations of the minds of men.

People who manifest strong desire, accompanied by definite mental pictures of that which they desire, create the majority of these elementals, or thought-forms, unconsciously. But many have learned the art of consciously creating them, either for good or bad. Strong wishes for good, as well as strong curses for evil, manifest into the Astral.

But such thought forms are under the law of thought-attraction, and go only where they are attracted. So be careful of what your thoughts are during your projections!

If you meet any such elementals, you will find that they do not have volition of their own and may not respond to you. They may take ghastly form and try to scare you, but cannot harm you in any way. With a strong will, you can make them disappear.

The very thought of meeting other people on the Astral Plane might be creepy. We are always scared in the face of the unknown, but one thing is certain – as you get more proficient at Projecting, and accustom yourself to the OOBE realm, you will become less and less afraid of what you encounter there.

All experienced Projectors will vouch that no harm can come to you during your Projections. So you should keep an explorer’s attitude during your Out of Body travels and there would be no limits to what you can learn and where you can go.

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Are Djinn demons or just spiritual creatures??

No smart**s answers please!

Are Djin Demons or just a spirtual entitys because not all djinn are evil. I know this because I had 2 djinns and they are good but I freed them a few days ago.

Amongst archaeologists dealing with ancient Middle Eastern cultures, any mythological spirit lesser than a god is often referred to as a “genie”, especially when describing stone reliefs or other forms of art. This practice draws on the original meaning of the term genie for simply a spirit of any sort
The jinn are said to be creatures with free will, made from ‘smokeless fire’ by God (the literal translation being “subtle fire”, i.e., a fire which does not give itself away through smoke), much in the same way humans were made of earth. According to the Recitation, jinn have free choice, and Iblis used this freedom in front of God by refusing to bow to Adam when God told Iblis to do so. By refusing to obey God’s order he was thrown out of the Paradise and called “Shaitan”

Arabs believed that the jinn were spirits of fire, although sometimes they associated them with succubi (demons in the forms of beautiful women). The feminine form of jinn is “jinniyah” or “jinneyeh

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