Chain Charm

by admin on February 18, 2005

Chain Charm

Chain Charm

Charm Bracelets And Clasps: Precisely What One Need To Understand

One of the most overlooked yet important features of charm bracelets is the type of clasps that are used to keep them secure and safely in place. There are several different types of clasps that are used on bracelets, but typically they will be one of four standard styles. Choosing the best type of clasps for charm bracelets has a lot to do with the style and type of bracelet as well as the overall design.

Often the gold charm bracelets are the weightiest and they need a very strong, durable yet practical clasp. Curb link charm bracelets are usually seen with a lobster type of clasp, but it is also used on other types of bracelets as well.

Spring loaded and solid in appearance, the lobster style of clasp looks just like the large front claws found on a lobster, hence the name. There is a small lever that protrudes slightly from the clasp on one side, which when depressed opens the other side of the clasp. This allows both ends of the charm bracelet to be connected together. While very common, they can also be tricky to use, especially on your own wrist or arm.

For other styles of more solid bracelets or heavier charm bracelets, double safety clasps are a very discrete and secure form of connecting the bracelet. These types of clasps are similar to those used on watches and other types of bracelets. One end locks into the other, and then an additional lock is attached over the top, often through a hook and eye type of mechanism.

Ring clasps, more commonly known as spring rings are perfect for lighter weight and more delicate styles of charm bracelets and chains. These clasps work like a lobster clasp in that a small lever is used to pull back a section of the ring, allowing the other end to be inserted.

For a very ornate and decorative type of clasps many charm bracelets, especially those with more elaborate chain links, often feature toggle types of closures. Toggle clasps operate by a longer bar being inserted through the larger opposite end of the chain, forming a floating type of clasp.

There is an important concern with toggle clasps in that if the bar is not designed properly, movement of charm bracelets can cause the bar to invert and slide back out through the ring. With well designed toggles this is not a problem, especially if the bar is significantly longer than the opening in the other end of the chain.

For a further level of protection and security some charm bracelets offer safety chains in addition to a standard clasp. Typically safety chains are seen with safety type of clasps and are never seen with toggle styles or other styles. Taking the time to look at the various clasps on charm bracelets is important before choosing the one that is right for you.

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Where can I get a silver charm necklace with a longish chain?

One of the kinds that have a long chain, and then it has either a heart, a key, or just a bunch of random charms on the end that fall about right under the bust.

I’ve looked everywhere for something like this that doesn’t cost too much, and I can’t find any! help, please!

thanks, and i will give out best answer! 🙂

Honestly the majority of those kinds of necklaces are about 20 dollars.

What I do is I got a long chain that you can find at Wal Mart or something and they sell charms too for about 2 dollars each so you can buy one chain and like 5 charms so you can have 5 different necklaces.

But hey that’s just me.

Its a good idea though lol

Hope I’ve helped

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