Witch Pagan Talisman

by admin on April 28, 2010

Witch Pagan Talisman

Witch Pagan Talisman

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Wicca – Introduction to Creating a Simple Talisman

So Pokemon is santanic so why isnt it off televisions?

Pokémon parallel demons. They are captured and must be invoked to perform tasks.
Magical ‘talismans’ (gym badges) are necessary to control many of them.
‘Magical’ stones are used to evolve certain Pokémon.
Many Pokémon have paranormal or psychic powers. These powers are not stated to be derived from God and therefore, according to certain Christian doctrine, must stem from Satan (although this is not stated either).
Many Pokémon embody or practice Asian spiritual and mystical concepts. For example, some practice martial arts, which some Christian groups denounce as a gateway to pagan religions. The game world also incorporates Asian traditions about elemental forces.
Some Pokémon (such as Houndoom and Murkrow) resemble witches or demons.

Do u think that it should be off the air


No. If your religion is no stronger than Pokemon, you’re in trouble.

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