Wicca Pagan Witch

by admin on May 5, 2010

Wicca Pagan Witch

Wicca Pagan Witch

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WICCA – The TRUTH (Of Witches, Satan, Halloween and Pentagrams)

Please explain the Wicca or pagan religion.?

I found a book called Confessions of a Teenage witch. It got me started with finding out about it.

Well first off, Pagan is a term that originally meant “country dweller” for the Christian church first spread throughout the more urban areas leaving rural people to continue to worship in the “old ways”. Nowadays, pagan is not a religion but an umbrella term for anyone whose religion is not of the Abrahamic belief (Jewish, Christianity, Muslim).

Wicca is an Earth based religion (honoring Mother Earth and Nature) that was started by Gerald Gardner in the late 20th Century. Wiccans believe in honoring the Earth and the elements through rituals.

One of the major differences between Abrahamic faith and Wicca is that the Abrahamics are mostly concerned with the polarity between good vs. evil. Whereas Wicca is more concerned with the balance between masculine and feminine.

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