Voodoo Doll Spell

by admin on February 7, 2010

Voodoo Doll Spell

Voodoo Doll Spell

How To Use Voodoo Magick To Achieve Your Goals

Voodoo emerged from the cocoon of civilization, Africa. The practice of Voodoo, which is also called Vodou or Voudun, means God, Creator or Great Spirit. If the image of Voodoo is frightening to some, it is because like all other natural spiritual practices, Voodoo also has been terribly distorted by Christian missionaries so that people would easily convert to their religion.

This way of life that originated in Africa is today practiced by millions of people all over the world. As people traveled from the African continent to different parts of the world, they took this spiritual knowledge with them and continued to use it in the new lands. Many of the Africans were forcibly kidnapped and sold as slaves by the Europeans and had to use their innate skills to maintain contact with their ancestors and relatives.

Followers of Voodoo hold all things in nature as sacred. The main purpose of Voodoo is to heal, physically and spiritually. Most of the Voodoo leaders were actually master healers who created spells to benefit the community and created an aura of mysticism to impress the people. They were experts in the healing properties of the flora and fauna in the pristine land, long before the rest of the world developed herbal medicines.

The practice of Voodoo encourages a belief in a Supreme Spirit who could manifest as lower deities called Loa, Orisha or Spirits to preside over day to day activities of a community such as harvest, hunting, wealth, health and death. The Loa is present is all natural elements such as the ocean, lakes, lightning and thunder, wind and rain as well as the sun and moon, animals, trees and stones.

Among the African descendants in the New world, many substituted the names of Catholic saints as their Loa or local spirit and this new religion became known as Santeria. In spite of the zeal of the Christian missionaries to convert the so-called “lost souls”, this nature loving religion has been thriving all over the world.

Ancestor worship which is rooted in the idea of reincarnation is familiar to the followers of Voodoo. A soul is believed to inhabit several bodies at various times and celebrations are held in reverence to the ancestors whose spirits may return to the world temporarily. When food is prepared, a portion of it is always placed aside for the ancestors.

An altar is also prepared for the ancestors by decorating a stone or a small table and placing items that are dear to the ancestor on it. A pot in which nine different types of soil, some dirt from the place or birth, incense, flowers, white candles, tobacco, drink and nine glasses of water are also placed in the altar.

Voodoo dolls are used as objects that may be energized when guided by the spirit guides or the Loa. The followers of Voodoo also believe in the laws of Karma and abide by them.

As there are people with good intentions, there are also people with evil intentions in every practice and religion. Voodoo dolls are not usually used to control others but in more positive ways, as a means to focus our energies and channel them into positive, constructive visualization and magick. In Africa, when people affected by infectious diseases called for a healer, the treatment or magick would have to be performed without touching the patient. In such cases, Voodoo dolls were made and spells were chanted over these dolls to make the sickness disappear!

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