Velvet Satin

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Velvet Satin

Velvet Satin

Satin bedding: A luxurious gift item for your friend’s wedding

If your friend’s wedding is around the corner, you must be looking for a unique gift item for her. There are plenty of options to choose from, such as watches, perfumes, home decor items made of crystal and other expensive material, and so on. Although, you can gift any of these items to your friend, but you need to know about her taste first. For instance, you might gift her an expensive watch, but what if she is not fond of watches or she already has that particular brand or model? Moreover, the above mentioned gift items are quiet common as well.
It is therefore advisable to  buy a gift that is exclusive from others. She would not only appreciate it, but would also cherish such a gift for long. One such gift item is satin bedding.

Satin bedding is a perfect gift for your friend’s wedding. Satin sheet sets look elegant and sophisticated. They lend a rich and luxurious look to bedroom decor. Apart from being luxury home furnishing option, satin sheet sets are very comfortable to sleep on. Their soft and smooth touch is loved by one and all.

You can find satin bedding is several attractive designs and patterns. You can also choose from a range of colors like red, pinks, black, greay, white, cream, turquoise blue, and lot more.

Along with satin lace bedding, you can also gift satin pillow covers, duvets, and comforters. A complete luxury bedding set makes a unique gift item perfect for newly married couple.

Satin bedding can also be given to your family members or parents on their wedding anniversary, birthday, or house-warming party. It is a gift that would be cherished by everyone.

You might be thinking that you can’t afford luxury bedding. But, you would be surprised to know that you can find beautiful satin bed sheets at highly discounted rates. Satin Boutique is a renowned online store that offers luxury bedding sets made of silk, satin, and velvet in several attractive designs, patterns, and colors.

Here you can also get beautiful satin sheets, duvets, comforters, and pillow covers. All these items are  hand made and of best possible quality.
At satin Boutique, you can also get sexy satin sheets to bring back romance to your life or gift it to your friends. Other than satin bedding, there are satin dresses, satin lingerie, sexy women’s shoes and lot more to choose from.

For more details on its range of luxury bedding items and pricing, just log on to satinbedding

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Collection of Women in Silk, Satin, Velvet, and Terry-fleece robes pt. 1

what properties does crushed velvet and taffeta have?

fibre content
surface properties (wheather or not the fabric has been finished)
if weft knitted, warp knitted, woven, twill weave, jacqurd weave, plain weave, pile weave or satin weave
please give any information you can

Firstly, depending on the quality of the fabric there can be differences. Velvet, can be made from synthetic fibres or from natural fibres. There are many different kind of mixes. Commonly you will find a mix of either one of the following:

65% acetate and 35% nylon or viscose or rayon (the percentages can vary! And on a personal note try too avoid the ones with nylon!!!)
100% silk
100% rayon
partly silk and partly rayon (percentage of rayon will be highest)

These different fibre mixes have different kind of properties of course.Usually, good velvet is strong and tough. However, there is stretchy knit crushed velvet that is not as dourable and tough and will stretch very quickly if you use it as curtain material or for corsets or tight clothing.

You must ion velvet, because every crease will show. However, do not ion the front side! (espeically if it is not made of natural fibres) Ion on a medium setting from the back. Best is a steam ion

The main problem with velvet is, that it gets dusty very quickly and that creases can permanently damge the fabric. So it is best to keep it in a clothing sack and hanging.

The most common type of velvet is plain weave with a cut pile. However, as mentioned before, there are also knit velvets.

Anyway, my point being is that there are many different types of velvet, that have different properties. Crushed velvet, by the way, is just normal velvet that has been mechnaically twisted while being wet.

Taffeta has a similar story. You can get synthetic taffeta or silk taffeta. You can find the following taffeta:
100% silk
100% nylon
Combinations of fibres are possible, especially with the nylon.

Taffeta is most commonly plain weave with a fine cross rib.
Commonly the following kinds and patterns of Taffeta are distinguished:
Faille Taffeta
Paper Taffeta
Pompadour Taffeta
Shot Taffeta
Tissue Taffeta
Warp print Taffeta

The ‘real’ taffeta is made of silk, and that kind should only be dry cleaned. More commonly nowadays, Taffeta it is made of synthetic fibres and can be washed with a gentle detergent, no dryer, hang up when drip dry and ion ond medium setting on back side.

Check out this side for properties and care instructions of differnet fibres:

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