Smudge Stick

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Smudge Stick

Smudge Stick

Lip Colour That Lasts? Long-Lasting Lipstick Claims Verified

Lipsticks can be expensive and their claims can be misleading. The ‘day-long lipsticks’ can make you poorer by anything between five hundred to fourteen hundred rupees but not all of them will last the full eight hours. Consumer VOICE bought 10 day-long lipsticks of the leading brands and put them to user test. The results were disappointing. Five out of ten brands tested lasted for just about four hours. Even with such an expensive product, the quality of the lipstick left a lot to be desired. Users complained for some lipsticks that felt sticky and left stains on coffee mugs. We also noticed that lipsticks do not give good value for money in terms of the quantity. The Revlon Color Overtime Sheer Lip Color did not last even ten applications by the user.

All in all, most ‘day-long’ lipsticks do not give such a great deal to consumers, certainly not if we compare their steep price with their performance. However, not all lipstick users were unhappy with the brands they used. Brands like Chanel and Maybelline were given good scores as they left the lips leaving moisturized and had a pleasant fragrance.

Some lipsticks are a bit cumbersome to use for women who are strapped for time. Lipsticks that come in two containers (colour and gloss) will need more application time than the ones that come in just one container and are a bother to carry around.

How we test

Consumer VOICE did a preliminary market survey and chose ten of the most selling brands in the ‘long lasting’ category. All brands so chosen were of “matt”, “semi-matt” and “gloss” finish. The lipsticks were then distributed to select users who were briefed about the objective of the survey and were explained how frequently to use the lipstick. The users continued to eat and drink as usual. The users filled in their responses in a questionnaire daily and used the lipsticks for a maximum of 10 days.

Lipstick brands tested

Chambor (Flowing Lipstick)

Chanel (Rouge Hydra Base)

Cover Girl (Outlast)

Dyna of London (Colour Reflection)

Elizabeth Arden (Ceramide Plump Perfect)

Lakme (9 To 5)

L’Oreal (Infallible)

Max Factor (Lipfinity)

Maybelline (Superstay Gloss)

Revlon (Color Stay Overtime Sheer Lip Color)


Lakme (9 To 5)

Colour: Cocoo Creme,

Price (in Rs): 350/-

Long-Lasting: No

Description & Type of Lipstick: Gloss

Hours it stayed on after application: 3-4 hrs.

User comments: Gives a good feeling, but not long-lasting, gradually fades after 3-4 hrs. And sticks to glass or spoons surface.

Chanel(Rouge Hydra Base)

Colour: Rose Secret,

Price (in Rs): 1400/-

Long-Lasting: Yes

Description & Type of Lipstick: Matt

Hours it stayed on after application: 8 hrs.

User comments: Contains moisture so feels great after application, Fragrance is pleasant and gives a long-lasting feel.

L’Oreal (Infallible)

Colour: Addictive Plum,

Price (in Rs): 800/-

Long-Lasting: Yes

Description & Type of Lipstick: Semi-Matt

Hours it stayed on after application: 8-9 hrs.

User comments: Difficult to use for a workingwoman and time consuming because of two containers. Leaves no stain and does not smudge.

Elizabeth  Arden(Ceramide Plump Perfect)

Colour: Blossom,

Price (in Rs): 1050/-

Long-Lasting: Yes

Description & Type of Lipstick: Semi-Matt

Hours it stayed on after application: 4-5 hrs.

User comments: Feels sticky and fades after some hours. Needs to be touched up every few hours and leaves a stain on coffee/tea mugs.

Dyna of London(Colour Perfection)

Colour: L-Pink Natural,

Price (in Rs): 750/-

Long-Lasting: Yes

Description & Type of Lipstick: Gloss

Hours it stayed on after application: 5-6 hrs.

User comments: Feels fresh throughout on lips. Good when applied as it does not fade or irritate the lips. Darker color would be better for lasting effect.

Cover Girl(Outlast)

Colour: Brown,

Price (in Rs): 625/-

Long-Lasting: Yes

Description & Type of Lipstick: Semi-Matt

Hours it stayed on after application: 7-8 hrs.

User comments: A bit cumbersome and time consuming because it comes in two containers. Is smudge proof, and did not stain coffee mugs.

Revlon (Color Stay Overtime Sheer Lip Color)

Colour: Sheer Rosette,

Price (in Rs): 625/-

Long-Lasting: Yes

Description & Type of Lipstick: Gloss

Hours it stayed on after application: 8 hrs.

User comments: This gloss lipstick is meant to last eight hours but it starts fading after about 4 hours. That could be because of its light shade and its quantity was so little so that it did not long last.

Maybelline(Superstay Gloss)

Colour: 24 weal,

Price (in Rs): 380/-

Long-Lasting: Yes

Description & Type of   Lipstick: Gloss

Hours it stayed on after application: 7-8 hrs.

User comments: Contains moisture so feels good after application. Fragrance gives a good feeling. Not long-lasting, Gradually fades after 3-4 hrs. Sticks to glass or spoons surface.

Max Factor(Lipfinity)

Colour: purple,

Price (in Rs): 575/-

Long-Lasting: Yes

Description & Type of Lipstick: Semi-matt

Hours it stayed on after application: 4 hrs.

User comments: Rough and dry, not smooth. Cumbersome to use because the lip balm has to be applied repeatedly, therefore is not very practical for a woman on the run. Besides two containers have to be carried.

Chambor(Flowing Lipstick)

Colour: Brown,

Price (in Rs): 395/-

Long-Lasting: Yes

Description & Type of Lipstick: Matt

Hours it stayed on after application: 8 hrs.

User comments: Easy and good to use, it’s light, subtle and shimmery and good to use.

The good buys

Cost-effective: The most expensive lipstick may not be the longest to last. Our user tests show that a Rs 395 lipstick like the Chambor (Flowing Lipstick) is a good buy as it lasts for 7-8 hours and is also one of the cheapest lipsticks in our survey. The users were satisfied with the product.

Feels good: The Chanel (Rouge Hydra Base) lipstick at Rs 1400 is the costliest among the ten lipsticks tested by us. At the same time, it is also high on the user-happiness factor as not only does it last the promised 8 hours, it also moisturizes the lips and has a pleasant fragrance—both qualities make it a good lipstick to use.

Lip Tips

If you choose to add lipstick to the list of cosmetics you use everyday, here are some tips: Just a dash of lipstick adds glamour to face. Lipstick should be applied properly and should be of the right color to suit the skin tones and the attire Colour combination. Lipstick however does not last long, especially when we eat and drink. Here are a few tips on lipstick and how to make lipstick last long and stay longer on your lips, not only by applying lipsticks the right way but also by choosing the right lipstick.

1. Store lipstick in the fridge, it will last longer.

2. While buying lipstick never use the tester on your lips. It is very unhygienic. Apply the tester on fingertips. This is a better option than the back of your hand.

3. Use your lip liner as a base for your lipstick. This will ensure that lipstick lasts longer.

4. Line your lips whenever you use lipstick.

5. To keep lipstick off your teeth, once your have applied lipstick, put your index finger into your mouth and pull it out. The extra lipstick will come off on your finger. Lipstick staining your teeth makes you look extremely shabby. To avoid this, pucker your lips in an extreme ‘O’ and then apply the lipstick. Even if your lipstick smudges to the insides of your lips, wrap your finger with a tissue and put it into your mouth, and twist it slowly to eliminate any extra color.

6. Lipstick can be used as blush, but do not use blush as lipstick.

7. Apply lip liner first. If your apply lipstick first and then try to apply lip liner you will not be able to see the natural line of your lips.

8. If you do not like a shade of lipstick, do not throw it out. Just mix it with other shades of lipstick and create your own shade.

9. To keep gloss on for longer first fill your lips with lip liner and then apply gloss on it. The gloss has something to stick to and therefore lasts longer.

10. If your lipstick has broken, just light a match under the broken part of a while, when the lipstick melts a little then put it back on the base. Then swivel down the lipstick and put it in the fridge, uncovered for about 5 minutes.

11. When you are to the last bit of your favorite lipstick scrape out the last bits with an orange stick and mix it with lip-gloss or Vaseline and use it.

Lips and eyes are the most important focal points of your face so one must pay special attention to these areas while doing makeup. Here are some additional tips for your lips that you can use:

12. To prevent lipstick from sticking to the glass you are drinking from, discreetly lick the edge of the glass before touching your lips to it.

13. To smoothen the lips a little before applying lip color, rub them a little with washcloth gently.

14. If you have thin lips, use light shades to make them appear fuller. Define the lip using the neutral lip pencil from slightly beyond your natural lip line and then apply lipstick covering up lip defining line. Another trick is to apply white shadow on center of both lips over lipstick very lightly and spread it gently.

15. If your upper lip is too thin or does not have a good shape, outline it with the lip liner similar to your lipstick and in the center portion, draw a second line giving it the precise shape using a brown pencil. Apply colour including the brown line. This will make your lips look fuller.

16. To hide lip lines, apply lipstick vertically.

Lead in your Lipstick

Lead is certainly at the top of the list of toxins which is ingested through cosmetics.

1. Lead in your lipstick may come from one of two places: colorants, which may contain lead, or as byproducts from ingredients obtained from raw materials like mineral oil and paraffin.

2. Studies have found that there is no safe level of lead, and since it does not break down in your body you will accumulate it for a lifetime. According to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, which conducted the lipstick study last year:

“Lead is a proven neurotoxin that can cause learning, language and behavioral problems. Lead is also linked to infertility and miscarriage. Pregnant women and young children are particularly vulnerable to exposure because lead easily crosses the placenta and enters the fetal brain, where it interferes with normal development.”

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About the Author

Consumer VOICE was founded by teachers and students at the University of Delhi in the beginning of the academic year 1983-84. Till mid 1986, Consumer VOICE functioned as an unregistered voluntary consumer association.

On 28 June 1986, it was registered as a Public Charitable Trust with noted jurist, Justice (retd.) V.M. Tarkunde and Prof. P.K. Ghosh of the Delhi School of Economics as founder donors and Dr. Sri Ram Khanna and Mr Rajan Karanjawala as Trustees.

In 1988 the Dept of Company Affairs Govt. of India accorded recognition to Consumer VOICE under the MRTP Act. The trust has since been granted exemption under section 80-G of the Income Tax Act and, donations made to the Trust are exempt from Tax. However the organization does not accept donations from private enterprise in order to ensure objectivity, or from individuals except when the donor is genuinely committed to espouse the cause of consumer protection.

As one of its first consumer-rights initiative, VOICE filed a suit against the ‘Wills Made for Each Other’ tobacco campaign, as it was monopolistic and discriminated against consumers who did not smoke. VOICE also challenged television manufacturers which were selling colour television sets at a premium to consumers during the Asiad Games.

In 1997, VOICE started to publish Consumer VOICE, a bi-monthly magazine that focused on bringing consumers information on product performance. ‘Voltage Stabilisers’ were one of the first product tests to be published in Consumer VOICE magazine.

The publisher of Consumer VOICE magazine since 1999 it is currently working in close co-ordination with the Dept of Consumer Affairs, Govt of India, on a comparative product testing project. The project aims to test a wide range of products most commonly used by Indian consumers in NABL-accredited laboratories. The test results are then published in Consumer VOICE magazine.

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To be fair, if I need anything for smudging I’ll go walking around the fields and woodland areas near me and pick them straight from nature.

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