Shell Smudging

by admin on March 18, 2010

Shell Smudging

Shell Smudging

Make your decisions judiciously while framing NYC

New York City is not merely one of the most populous cities in the world it is also a top notch business center as well as the one the most progressive cities in the world. New Yorkers are famed for their taste in art and culture. There are quite after famous art galleries in New York where pictures of famous and up coming artists are sold. Starting from pictures created by pavement artists to famous painters, artwork is always appreciated in New York. However, pictures need appropriate frames so that they get protected from wear and tear. Not only that a beautiful picture frame can boost the beauty and appeal of a picture to a great extent. That’s why you should be quite judicious when you sent your favorite picture for framing NYC.

Framing of pictures are usually done with different materials such as woods, polystyrene, plastic and even sea shells. However, wood picture frames are the most preferred choice for most people. Wooden pictures frames are mostly gilded with golden or bronze colors. Many picture frames come with a glass framing called plexi-glass frames to protect then from wear and tear.  This kind of plexi-glass framing is especially need for charcoal paints or pastel painting which might get smudged quite easily. On the other hand oil paintings which need a longer period to dry and are water proofed doesn’t need such plexi –glass covers with their frames.

Thus, while picture framing NYC you should consider various things. These key factors are

  • Type of the picture e.g. whether oil painting, water color painting or charcoal painting
  • Material of the picture frames e.g. Wooden frames, plastic frames or shell frames
  • Shape of the Picture and the size of the frame
  • The age and price of the picture to be framed

There are many reputed picture framing NYC service providers who frame priceless antiques. Thus, if you want to frame an antique picture which might be quite old and rare you should take the help of these framers who specialize in this sort of work. If it’s a picture which is not rare or antique you can opt for picture framing NYC service providers who would offer you budget deals. Some of the picture framers also offer corporate discounts or student discounts for at students. Thus, you should be quite judicious while opting for framing NYC.

You can choose the ideal picture framer as per your budget and need by glancing through the various websites which enlist such esteemed picture framing service providers of New York.  Some of the picture framing NYC agencies also hand deliver the framed pictures to your door steps. Thus, peruse through these websites at your leisure and choose that picture frame which is custom made for your picture.

Picture framing is an integral part of possessing and appreciating artwork. If you coveted good pictures then you should also ensure that they are framed properly to augment their beauty and save them from wear and tear. You should prudently make your picture framing NYC decisions and zero on that picture framing service provider who can give you quality frames in affordable price.











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You should prudently make your picture framing NYC decisions and zero on that picture framing service provider who can give you quality frames in affordable price.

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FirstTalk Craft SMUDGE SHELL

I keep finding fossils in my BACKYARD!?

I found three fossils in my backyard. and its driving me nuts because idk what they are! 1 looks like stairs but round the other looks like a shell but it has a really small smudge in the middle which looks like a body, and the 3rd looks like a small foot but then again itcould be a leaf.

i asked a musuem and they want money for me to find out what it is. i aint payin JACK.
ive been searching and searching but cant find anything. i live in TX? and the fossils are in this rock that forms slowly if you know what i mean. like the little ones if you touch them it falls.

have any ideas???? of anything on this topic?

It sounds like a Gastropod. Very common marine fossil. probably about an inch in height and about a 1/2 inch in width? It is like a snail.

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