Pendant Strengthens

by admin on April 11, 2010

Pendant Strengthens

Pendant Strengthens

Surprise Her with a Sparkle: Aquamarine Pendants

Aquamarine, a diamond look alike gemstone, with a subtle blue hue, has been a major selling gemstone in the world. This birthstone for March born makes this appeasing gemstone, a favorite gem-setting  in pendants. Especially, this legendary stone set within white and yellow gold, aquamarine is a captivating, sparkling gemstone which transmits positive and happy vibes.

Now this is not what I say. Mythologies and folk lores from all over the world strengthen this fact. This has actually derived its name from Latin word for sea water. In addition, it has a true lineage since ancient times. It is recorded that in 19th and early 20th century, famous aquamarine shade was sea-green hue. However, trendier shade of modern times is credited to sky blue or dark blue shade of this subtle gemstone.

Romans trusted this vivifying gemstone to be potential to ward off feelings of hatred. They say that, if a frog was carved out of an aquamarine, then it initiates peace amongst enemies. Moreover, along with Romans, Greeks, believed this stone to be actually treasured within mermaids treasure chests, which somehow reached to humans through a lovelorn mermaid. Sailors in medieval times asserted on carrying aquamarine with them, to assure good luck and safe voyage.

Aquamarine is a beryl mineral type, which originates from granite pegmatite, alluvial deposits of gravel. They are usually seen flawless and clean. Aquamarines are transparent in spite of being dull or pale in color. Therefore, they are heated to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Heating or treating aquamarines provide the desired rich sky blue to dark blue color. Even if there are any tints of yellow, they fade away.

Aquamarine, like its sibling emerald, is a pleochroic gemstone. This property provides it with distinct coloration when viewed from different angles. This stone visible like a large water body, a pure and calm lake or sea, makes a great gem to create jewelry. Especially, all love aquamarine pendants for its sublime subtlety.

Angara’s refined collection of exquisite aquamarine pendants is offered to customers. Modern brilliant aquamarine pendant gives maximum light reflection from its maximum number of facets. Best seller cuts in aquamarine pendants are emerald, oval, marquise, round, pear, square, princess, and trillion.

Nevertheless, these cut stones are assorted to create newer and trendier designs. Heart aquamarine and diamond dangling pendant in white gold, aquamarine and diamond flower pendant in white gold are two of the favorites and much demanded.

These candid splendors reflect their cool ease with solitaire heart aquamarine bezel set pendant in white gold, which actually suits all skin types and occasions.

For more fancier and playful looks, oval aquamarine teddy pendant in white gold and oval aquamarine dolphin pendant in white gold are an ideal choice for gifting your loved ones.

Buy these versatile chic style quotients and behold the twinkle and affection in her eyes. Aquamarine Rings

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The Revoution of 21st Century-MST Pendant

Is it okay to wear an Allah pendant in order strengthen you shaken will?

Let me put this way. If I had an Allah pendant and the reason I wear is as a reminder that Allah is with me or when im in uncertainty I look at to bring a feeling of certainty….that there is nothing to be afraid of. If by looking at it helps my heart to not be devoured by evil spirits. Is it okay to wear one for these kind of reasons?


The Main thing a Muslim need is the Prayer and The Remembrance (Dhikr) if these are missing.. then whatever the amulets given by anyone will not work..

Yes you can wear it.. But Will you take to unclean places such as restroom etc.. decide..

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