Pendant Sterling

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Pendant Sterling

Pendant Sterling

Snowflake Pendants As Beautiful as Nature Itself

Pendants are a hanging object generally attached to a necklace or an earring. It has several functions, such as;

Identification (i.e. religious, sexual, rock band symbols)

Self-affirmation (i.e. initials, names)

Awards (i.e. sports, etc.)

A locket is also a pendant that opens to reveal a space used for storing a photograph or other small items. Lockets are usually given to loved ones on Valentine’s Day and other special occasions. They come in many shapes and sizes, such as oval, heart, circle, diamond, etc. Snowflake Jewelry Pendants fit all the requirements anyone could want from a piece of jewelry.

Snowflake Jewelry as one of the well-known brands, has pendants for all occasions; Adorable Children’s Pendants, Holiday Pendants, Sterling Silver Pendants, Heart and Crystal Pendants, Queen’s Pendants, Tortoise Pendants and Two-Tone Gold Pendants. The various types of Snowflake Jewelry Pendants are as follows:

Animal Pendants:

Snowflake Jewelry Pendants come in various shapes like animals, birds, etc. The 14K While Gold Eagle landing pendant, costs $115.74. The 14K Yellow Gold Green Enameled Pendant costs $425.82 and the 14K Gold Rhodium Polished Filigree Butterfly Pendant costs $ 81.38.

Oval and circled shaped Diamond Pendant:

These are made from good quality diamonds and are available in different designs and styles. This collection will surely appeal to any diamond lover for ever. The14K White Gold Diamond Circle Chain Slide Pendant costs $357.94, while the 14K White Gold Diamond Oval Pendant costs $ 809.64.

Gemstone Pendants:

These are made from fabulously brilliant, genuine gemstones. Each set is made from different stones. Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies and citron stones are used in making these magnificent pieces. The 14K White Gold 16ct Diamond & Amethyst 9x7mm

Pearl-shaped Pendant is available at $ 318.00, and the 14K White Gold Blue Sapphire Diamond Heart Pendant at $ 369.60.

Gold Pendant:

This Snowflake Jewelry Pendant is perfect for all occasions. There are 14K yellow or white gold with or without stones. The 14K Yellow Gold Buddha Charm is modestly priced at $54.60 and the 14K White Gold Diamond Filigree Pendant is priced at $287.48.

Initial Pendant:

These are cursive or block style letters which are created with 14K yellow gold.
These pendants with initials are ideal for giving as gifts to your friends and relatives.
The 14K Two-Tone Angel initial ‘C’ Pendant costs $81.66 while the 14K Yellow Gold initial ‘A’ Heart Charm costs $47.46.

Locket Pendant:

Locket Pendants come in a variety of shapes, such as oval and heart which come in either gold or two-toned. These antique style lockets are great pieces to own. The 14K White Gold Heart-Shaped Claddagh Locket costs $103.82, whereas the 14K Yellow Gold Large Oval Shaped Beaded Edge Locket costs $ 514.90.

Religious Pendant:

In this day and age, it’s more important than ever to have faith, so display with confidence, snowflake’s most striking and simple religious charms. Some of their collections are available in Jewish and Christian symbols. The 14K White Gold Cubic Zirconia Cross Pendant, costs $57.64 and the 14K White Gold Round Saint Christopher Medal costs $256.84.

Children’s Pendants:

Children deserve the very best in all that they do, so why not give them a pendant that will fit their personality. How about the 14K Yellow Gold Enameled Ladybug Heart Pendant which costs $32.18.

You will be surprised by the quality that each piece of Snowflake Jewelry Pendanst is made from, therefore they make great gifts for your dear loved ones.

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Can I shower or swim with a sterling silver necklace with amber pendant or will it go ugly?

You can do that and it should stay looking okay but you are likely to lose the pendant while swimming. Actually the more you move the more wear the necklace parts will have so it would eventually break. So, you can do either one, just look out for breakage so you can retrieve the parts and maybe put it back together.

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