Oil Aromatherapy Pure

by admin on April 3, 2010

Oil Aromatherapy Pure

Oil Aromatherapy Pure

Essential Oils are What You Need for Aromatherapy

These pure essential oils – also called aromatherapy oils – are best derived from organic sources whenever possible. The reason is that these plants are raised under very strict conditions, free of petroleum-based fertilizers and chemical pesticides that work their way into virtually all parts of the plant – and ultimately, into essential oils. Although the rules and regulations regarding what can be sold as “organic” vary from one country to another, in general farmers who raise plants for use in organic essential oils must keep very careful documentation of their procedures as well as submit to yearly inspections and audits. This is your guarantee of the best quality when it comes to essential oils.

What Exactly Are Essential Oils?

Aromatherapy essential oils are the “hydrophobic” (i.e., oily) liquid extracts from plants that contains aromatic compounds. Most all plants have such oils; one that you’ve probably consumed the last time you ate at an Italian or Greek restaurant is olive oil; sesame oil is used extensively in Asian cuisine. However, the aroma of these particular pure essential oils is very mild, and of little use in aromatherapy. It is worth noting however that olive oil has been used as body oil in the Mediterranean for several thousand years. When wealthy Romans bathed, it was a common custom after exiting the baths to have their bodies oiled and scraped by slaves; olive oil was virtually the only kind of oil used for this purpose.

When it comes to aromatherapy however, it is the scent that is the most important. These oils are called “essential” in that they have distinctive scents or smells. These oils are what give certain flowering plants, such as roses and carnations, their pleasant smells.

How are Aromatherapy Essential Oils Made?

There are three basic ways in which these oils are extracted:

1. Distillation: the substance is boiled, causing the various biochemical substances to separate and allowing them to be collected

2. Expression: the plant, its pedals, leaves or seeds are crushed (this is how olive and sesame oils are produced)

3. Solvent Extraction: biochemical compounds are separated by using some other type of liquid.

Uses of Aromatherapy Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries for many different reasons, ranging from medicinal to supernatural. An example is the use of such oils in incense that is burned during the ceremonies of many religious faiths. There are claims that certain oils used in aromatherapy actually have curative properties, however these have not been proven scientifically. However, there is no harm in using essential oils simply for the sensual pleasure of their scent.

About the Author

nne Harvester is an herbalist who has studied the benefits of using organic herbs and other organic products. In this article, she explores organic essential oils, organic teas, and organic spices.

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best aromatherapy methods?

I need something to put in my kids room that will last strong all night long for their congestion and coughing from the cold and flu. I was using Sudacare vapor plugs but they are not as natural or beneficial as pure aromatherapy oils would be. There are so many different methods. I dont want to spend more than maybe 50 dollars on a device. I cant see that the tea light burners would work well enought or long enough and i dont want to leave a candle unattended at night. I want to be able to leave it on..have it work all night without starting a fire. What method would be best -The room is small – probly 12′ by 14′.

What oils do you use for cold and flu? Eucalyptus and Rosemary i read are good.
links would be great.

Safest way to vaporise essential oils, especially in a kid’s room, is in an electric vaporiser – make sure you get one which specifies it does not need water. Then add a few drops of oil.(Not too much, even with a cold kids have more sensitive noses than adults.) They can be a bit pricy but you aren’t buying candles and they use very little electricity.
Best oils for kids colds are eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary.
Good luck!

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