Money Drawing

by admin on May 5, 2010

Money Drawing

Money Drawing

Make Money Drawing – A Guide To Doing It Right

Many people want to make money drawing. They love to create new pieces and experiment with new techniques. Their passion gives them great pleasure. However, in today’s tightened economy, making a bit of extra money wouldn’t hurt their pocketbook. Your talent could translate into a nice income for you and your family. The online world is a bit daunting for first time sellers though. The art world is as cutthroat online as in the real world. Many amateurs would benefit from having some help getting started. There are online programs available that will help you get started if you are interested.

These online programs show you how to make money drawing and making other art pieces. They provide guides, both visual and text, that give you the in-depth look you need of the virtual art world. They provide tips and pointers on how to transform your art into something that will sell. What sells well in the real world does not always translate well into the virtual world. They can introduce you to the art sites that will help you sell your artwork online. These programs give you the tools you need to succeed in the online art world.

To make money drawing, you need to develop your name as a brand. By promoting yourself, you are promoting your product. These programs help you do just that. They help you find your niche and market yourself to prospective customers. These programs can help you find a job freelancing or find a market that sells your artwork for you. The programs will not teach you to draw, paint, or take good pictures. You need that talent before they can help. They will offer you ways to make your finished product better and more sellable though.

Experienced artists already selling in the field may not find these programs beneficial. They cover the ground those with experience have already travelled. However, for the amateur wanting to break through, these programs offer many benefits the old timers had to learn for themselves. This makes selling easier and quicker for those using these programs. For those looking to get extra income, the easier it is for them, the better. We live busy lives and adding hours of work each day is not always possible. These programs show you how to shorten the time invested without losing profits. Take the time to learn before you jump into the online art world.

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An online artist for the last 5 years. Traveling the world drawing, it’s certainly not a bad way to live. Discover all the techniques and learn how at

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How can you make money from drawing pictures?

My question is this,if you have talent and can draw using Corel or Photoshop,can you somehow sell your original drawings via the internet or through a cooperation? Does anyone have any resources on a company that will pay for artwork? There’s sites that pay you to write for them. So I’m thinking Something like tha but for art? BTw, I only have an A.A. Degree.

Or you could totally try DeviantART. 😀 They have a wiiiide range of artists and people looking to buy not only arts that you’ve already drawn but also art that they request of you. 🙂 It’s awesome. It’s freelance work, for the most part, but if you’re good enough, there will be contacts who will find interest in you and offer you jobs no doubt. 🙂 Make sure you’re careful, though. There are a lot of asses out there who are selfish.

There is an Employment Opportunities forum:

The JOB OFFERS is for people who are looking for other people to draw for them. That’s a good place to look for work.
The JOB SERVICES is where you advertise your services. Scroll all the way down in the JOB SERVICES forum and you’ll notice an empty white box. That’s what you’ll put your info in. 🙂

You can also advertise your stuff on your journal. 🙂 You’ll have to get an account, which is perfectly easy and well worth it for future projects.

Good luck! 😀

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