Mojo Hoodoo

by admin on April 17, 2010

Mojo Hoodoo

Mojo Hoodoo

High-level Instance Gear for Levels 40 to 50 in World of Warcraft

There are so many World of Warcraft instances and bosses for level 40 thru 50 that it is hard to know where to go for the best pieces. Here is a to-do list of all the major instances for these levels so that you can get the best gear without wasting a lot of time.


Uldaman has tons of bosses, but there are three that are must downs because they have the best gear. The Ancient Stone Keeper drops the Rockshard Pauldrons, which is good for hunters and shamans. Ironaya drops the Ironshod Bludgeon, which is top gear for feral druids. Last, but not least, Archaedas drops the Archaedic Stone, which is great for any class because it has a random enchantment.


Maraudon has eight bosses, total, but the best loot falls from one particular boss, Princess Theradras. The Blackstone Ring is great for any class that is melee or range spec such as druids, rouges, and warriors. Bracers of the Stone Princess is good for shamans and hunters because of its increase in attack power. Elemental Rockridge Leggings work for warriors and paladins because it increases your critical strike rating and has a lot of strength and stamina. The Eye of Theradras drops off the princess, as well, and it is a fantastic cloth piece because it has very high stats.


Many regard Zul’Farrak with distaste, but some really good gear drops off of the boss named Shadowpriest Sezz’ziz. The Bad Mojo Mask will make any warlock drool and it is the best headpiece for casters at this level. The Diabolic Skiver is a pole arm that can be used by any melee class. It delivers 160-180 damage. The Jinxed Hoodoo Kilt and the Jinxed Hoodoo Skin is some of the best gear that a Moonkin or Restoration druid can hope to get. By targeting these bosses, you can get the gear you need in fewer instance runs; for the remainder of your gear, use the Idemise guide and just buy it off the auction house!

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How to make a protection mojo – from my online Intro to Hoodoo Class

I Need Some Help to Figure this Poem out?

So i need some help in my English class to figure out what the meaning of these two poems out. So if you help me out i will give you points for a good answer and i will choose the best answer to get the most points. Thank you very much if you can help me out.


Corncob constellation,
oyster shell, drawstring pouch, dry bones.

Gris gris in the rafters.
Hoodoo in the sleeping nook.
Mojo in Linda Brent’s crawlspace.

Nineteenth century corncob cosmogram
set on the dirt floor, beneath the slant roof,
left intact the afternoon
that someone came and told those slaves

“We’re free.”

Stravinsky in L.A.:

On suffering, which is real.
On the mouth that never closes,
the air that dries

even as it falls apart, the body
that can no longer even make fever
but nonetheless burns

florid and bright and magnificent
as it dims, as it shrinks,
as it turns to something else.

well for the second poem… sounds like as if someone was hurt on the inside (like emotionally ) and they couldnt feel the heat of happiness……they felt ‘numb’ and as if they could not go on…and then all that turned into something else. (Hate or happiness or understandment or peace or forgiveness or hope or sadness or pain or a broken heart just depends on how u look at it)

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