Magic Wicca

by admin on March 11, 2010

Magic Wicca

Magic Wicca

Is Magic Black or White or Gray?

For years, witchcraft has been afflicted with labels usually by people who know nothing about the craft. Witchcraft can fall into several categories depending on the intent.

White magic is sometimes considered the “good” magic. It is magic that has no intent other than to do good. Grey magic is neutral; it has no moral effect good or bad, it simply is and black magic is magic that violated the principles by which I live. It is magic done with the intent to cause harm to others and it will never be supported on this website.

Generally speaking, those who follow the path of Wicca, practice grey or white magic, magic designed to follow the laws of nature or promotes good. Those who practice either of these magical forms believe in the Reder, “It Harm None, Do What Thou Wilt” or even the shortened form, “Harm None.”

White witches take the law a bit farther and believe in promoting good in all things. They also believe in a few more rules than the typical Wiccan. Here are the rules that they follow:

The Four Rules

1. Live – Live each day as if it were your last, for one day you will be right.
2. Love – Love yourself first and foremost. For when you truly love yourself, loving those around you will come as easily as breathing – and we all must breathe.
3. Learn – Learn your life’s lessons – each as it comes – for that is the reason we are here.
4. Enjoy – Enjoy your life, because if you do not most likely someone else will enjoy it for you… and then your time here will have been wasted.

The Law: Harm None.



The first Rule put forth sounds pretty straight forward at first. Then you actually try to live it! 🙂 Living each day as if it were your last means maximizing your potential for every moment that you have been given.

If you are let go from your job… that is an opportunity to face truth and see what you can do to make yourself more marketable and go get a BETTER job. Or, if you are highly motivated, dedicated, and a risk taker you can take that chance to start your own company.

When I first began to follow these principles, my business was not very successful, my marriage was only tolerable, and I often felt depressed about my situation as a whole. Then I began to live each moment. ‘Carpe Diem’ (Seize the day) became my motto. I began to maximize every moment and live in the moment, not for the moment.

This does not mean that in order to be a good witch that you have to work like a rabid squirrel on ‘speed’… but it does mean that you have to be honest with yourself to see what your situation really is and to make the most of it. I believe that if I can go to bed at night and think to myself that I had done the very best I could that day with the information I had at each moment of opportunity, then the day was a success. But if I go to bed thinking that I had let an opportunity slip away I do not beat myself up over it. I simply say to myself, “Gee, Torin, that was one you missed. I’ll get it the next time it comes along.”

What is life without love? Honestly, I can’t imagine what that would be like. Yet many people live their lives without the most important form of love there is – the love of the self. If you truly understand yourself and are willing to take responsibility for your own actions you will suddenly find a great love for yourself.

In order to give free and unconditional love to another person you must first have that kind of feeling for yourself. This is all this means.

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The Magic Numbers of Wicca

Do I need to join Wicca to practice magic?

Is it nessesery to join Wicca and become a Wiccan if you want start to practice magic?

No not at all. Wicca is a religion, and not all Wiccans practise magic. Magic is seperate from being Wiccan.

Please join the Witches Forum below, and visit the home page link at the top of the forum page, it will have more information and you can get only witches answering your question on the forum 🙂

Blessed be

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