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by admin on April 26, 2010

Luck Power

Luck Power

Who Needs a Good Luck in This World to Improve Life



Healing With Laughter in Self Development


Everyone likes to laugh but why we do not do more of it is something we are all guilty of . Laughing is a very complex thing although on the surface one could dismiss laughter as something we do when we are happy but there is more to that. Different people use laughter to cope with different circumstances. Take when we are afraid we can use laughter as a coping mechanism laughing help us cope with what ever we might be afraid of be it our own emotions it still helps. Laugher can easily help hide embarrassment. I remember falling before my peers first and the only thing I could think of to hide my embarrassment was to laugh it off. In times of intense anger we can find ourselves oddly enough laughing it is a coping mechanism to handle such intense anger. Then the most common in times of happiness we find it appropriate to laugh.

Laughing can be used for its healing power. Laughter coupled with its counterpart humor is renowned for lowering stress as well as a coping mechanism in terms of troubled times .


Laughing at ourselves at times will help us come to terms that trivial bleeps in our lives are insignificant.


Laughter lowers the blood pressure and people who generally laugh more tend to have lower blood pressure as well as stress levels. Laughter elevates the mood and when the mood is generally, lighter people are more positive and teamwork is that bit easier which makes the collective strength is improved be it in a family circle or at work.


When we laugh our bodies release natural killer cells, which are responsible for fighting infection hence we stand a better change of, defending ourselves .The boost to our immune system is brilliant. If we are not feeling well then the increase in killer cells will help fight infection and help cut down on recovery times it encourages more oxygen in the blood so briefly it aids healing.


Laughter can be a great work out . Have you ever laughed hard you will realize it uses some crucial abdominal muscles . Not only does it help the outside muscles it helps with digestion and absorption hence you get the most out of all the nutrients in the food you eat.


Laughter stimulates the brain into being able to acquire new information that bit better hence will more laughing then you get not only reduction in stress but better brain activity which make us better people in the long run. The benefits of laughing are phenomenal so next time you rent a movie get a comedy who know it will help get rid of that ailment.



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