Feather Quill

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Feather Quill

Feather Quill

Does Down Bedding Go On Sale?

Down bedding is considered the platinum standard for bedding. It’s cloud like look and comforting warmth can help transcend a cold, dreary day. Down bedding is a seasonal product that has price variations from a material stand point through the year. Most department stores have ‘winter’ bedding programs that go up in October and then sell discount down starting in January. Most consumers use down bedding October through March – so for the patient shopper down deals can be had.

Where And How Down Bedding Comes From?

Down bedding usually consists of a down filling being inserted into pillows, comforters, blankets and throws. Down as a material is dramatically different then feathers – where down is soft and provides warmth, feathers are firm and provide support. Typically, the price for down filling is roughly 12 times the cost of feathers – so as a filling material down is much more expensive. Down is collected from Europe and China where consumers in those regions enjoy Duck and Goose on special occasions much like Americans prefer Turkey at Thanksgiving.

Down is nature’s best insulator and helps to keep the birds warm even in frigid waters. Hence the use of down as a filling material is preferred for comforters, blankets and throws to provide amazing warmth without weight. Feathers on the other hand are used for support as the < 6 cm feather quills hold their shape and provide support in items like feather beds and pillow forms.

Because Ducks and Geese are harvested at certain time periods their filling material is made available on the market for manufacturers to purchase and use for bedding, jackets, sleeping bags and even home insulation. Typically Goose supplies are available towards the beginning of the year and Duck supplies are more readily available year round. The filling material is then sterilized and then washed and processed to a hypoallergenic standard.

Down and feathers are a commodity item that are bought, sold and traded around the globe. Weather patterns can affect the prices of down filling because if it is cold in China and enough Chinese consumers need to buy warm down jackets – the filling material will experience a price spike. These price spikes will be reflected in the prices of down bedding at department stores. Usually the best time to buy down bedding is after the winter season as stores try to move old the remnant merchandise and bring in the new spring collections.

One area of opportunity is to buy down bedding online and even better still direct from the manufacturer. Buying through the down manufacturer is a nice way to avoid the department store mark up for their merchandise. Typically buying down bedding online can save 30-40% off typical retail prices. In addition to manufacturers there are a number of overstock and liquidation type websites where smart consumers can find bargains. The only downside to buying discount down bedding from those overstock type sources is that you are not sure who originally manufactured the item and what quality standards they use to make sure the items adhere to both federal and industry quality standards.

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Tying a Feather Winged Parachute (Ginger Quill) by Davie McPhail

What will the next storm bring?

Poets are the finest people,
they bring us flowers
cut from someone else’s garden.

They tell us of the pretty colors
that used to be alive
until snipped
so that they may be displayed.

The poet has a feather quill
and a mixed array of pills
to help describe
their pains and ills
in frightening detail.

The poet needs to take a powder,
so that they may proclaim louder,
what is wrong with everyone,
and what needs done
to be undone.

Ta Dah!


here i do fit in i am a florist too

hbday 2u


I saw them running around hand in hand ,
They were two boys,
On the other side I saw,
Two teenagers,in their bikinis,

Ilooked at other signs of their associations,
Alas sad to say, I found none.
I moved on and took mine along,
to the other side.

When this one did a smile fling
I looked around she was a thing,
Then I saw what I thought I did,
The two boys clasped, yes not gasped,
They moved away and so did we.

We ran into the water and did not care,
The twins did at us stare,
We blushed and smiled as they smiled back,
We were in our jeans and they without,
We wondered why they laughed at us.
Guess what we were at the wrong beach,

It was only for the nudist youth,
We were out of sync I came to know,
We were out far into the sandy waters,
And there we thought of stripping so,
But shy as we felt we could not do,
Can you guess,who was by then,who with who?


As I sat alone having coffee ,
I saw her passing by swiftly.
I ran out,for I thought it is now or never,
To make a new friend on a coldest morning ever.

I called her from far and yelled,
There was no response, so I did her follow.
Once gain I called at her,
She was unmindful.
What the hell I said to myself ,
I ran ahead of her to stop her,
She smiled and smiled without response,
I wondered what she wanted to say,
‘Hello’ I said once more,
She was deaf for sure.

I waived and returned back to my coffee shop,
My coffee, as she had, was also gone,
Alas I, she and coffee guy,
All to each other had to say,
Bye,bye,good bye.

My Love I wake up for your love dear,

I go to sleep,as dreams make me feel near,

And make me gain confidence that you’re close,

In an imperfect world, we all unwantedly chose,

Yet when I awake I miss,the warmth I craved,

My fantasy and imagination I so honestly braved,

And I fall back again from the stair,

My dear I’m utterly miserable, oh this, despair.

My innate desire to spend a whole life,

As your dear lovelingly and only wife.

Perhaps that was what you did always desire,

And the flame of fire in me, you did fire.

I miss your warmth and loving embrace,

I do not know when and how, I fell from grace.

Your lovely look,your eyes, and beautiful smile,

I always possessed and will possess all the while.

What made you think I was just a playful toy,

Just to hold for a while and enjoy,

What made you think of me that so low,

Say it all was just not said ,let my heart glow.

Come back to me my life, my breath,my love ,

There is nothing left for me on earth or heaven above,

And come back to my arms once again,

My life, my very being, please do not leave me in vain.

I invent when I need to,

Now is the time which has come my way

Very soon, yes today or tomorrow,

Every one will come to know what,do you

Never mind I know can never guess,

Tomorrow when you read the newspapers,

I will be in picture, a full page

Only then will you learn of my invention,

Now till the day arrives yes the morn,

Shall ye see, what to my mind was born

Pamela, Pamela where are you?

All are anxiously here, that’s true,

Now is the time to cut the cake,

All are awaiting for the one you did make,

Mama dear, where have you hidden it,

All of us want a slice of cake ,a bit.


Libran’s are from a world of a kind,
Of those who have a beautiful mind.
They are very methodical and enchanting,
Their smile is very, very charming.

Libras is a world to earn name and fame,
Their glances win hearts all the same,
Of those who reward them with a Rose,
My dear Libras are, to whom the universe,
The lovers’ the classic winners,
Would all love to propose.
My Dear………………………….



With a bunch of roses to you.

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