Feather Quill Paper

by admin on March 31, 2010

Feather Quill Paper

Feather Quill Paper

The Evolution Of The Fountain Pen

The very first fountain pens were invented around 1564, along with pencils in an areas near Keswick, England. The fountain pen was created to fulfil a very simple need. Prior to their creation, quill pens were used which required among other things a pot containing ink and a duck willing to give up tail feathers regularly. Quill pens wore out very quickly which did not allow for consistent writing as a new quill had to be created and by the time the pen became comfortable for the user it was worn out.

The original fountain pens were handcrafted and created in a very personalised way. These pens usually were engraved and were owned by individuals who held high positions in the community or government. Many of the pens were created to look like the old quill pens but had compartments that held ink which was drawn from an ink pot. As the world became more industrialised, fountain pens and their use evolved dramatically.

The early fountain pens were prone to leaking and did not have an effective mechanism to keep the ink from drying or leaking when the pen was in a pocket or other upright position. This created the need to further experiment and evolve the techniques for creating ink cartridges that would withstand the rigors of daily use as well as keep the ink soluble within the cylinder of the fountain pen. This need was the impetus of today’s ink cartridges.

Originally, an individual was required to fill their fountain pen with ink from a pot which still required the presence of a pot of ink. The ink was drawn into the cylinder of the fountain pen and the “cartridge” was what the interior of the fountain pen cylinder was referred to. It was not removable, nor was it a separate piece of the fountain pen. As they evolved, ink cartridges became products that were self contained ink pots held within the cylinder of the fountain pen.

This eventually evolved into the manufacture of ink cartridges which could be purchased to fit the individual fountain pen that was being used. The ink cartridges were expensive because they weren’t mass produced and there were many individual shapes and sizes of fountain pen handcrafted. When someone wished to buy ink cartridges, it was necessary to go to a specialty shop that dealt with the specific fountain pen type that was being refilled.

As fountain pens evolved and became ball point pens, rollerball pens and specialty fountain pens, ink cartridges also began to be mass produced. It was possible to buy ink cartridges by the package, or in bulk, which decreased the price of ink cartridges throughout the world. Today, ink cartridges are available in multiple colours and, because fountain pen cylinders are a standard size, most ink cartridges will fit a standard fountain pen.

When an individual buys an antique fountain pen, it is important to remember that a standard ink cartridge will probably not fit the fountain pen. There are antique fountain pens that require the use of an ink pot just as they did when they were first made. For this reason, there are some specialty shops that provide the old ink in ink pots specifically for this type of fountain pen.

About the Author

Writing implements come in many forms and styles and fountain pens were always regarded as both a luxury item and a more stylish version of other writing tools. In this pen review Mark looks at the history of the fountain pen, its origin and development. More information about fountain pens and other types of pens is available at the sources referred to by Mark in this review.

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Let’s Make a Feather Quill Pen!

How to make a quill pen without a feather?any idea appreciated!?

I want to make quill pen without feather. could i use cotton on paper and cut it into strips or crepe paper or something? plz help!
it should look like a feather

You can use the very small thin Red tubes that you put in a spray can nozzle to direct a spray.
just cut the end at a 45 % angle and add crepe on the opposite end to look like a feather and glue it on .

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