Enhancement Pendant

by admin on February 21, 2010

Enhancement Pendant

Enhancement Pendant

Qlink Pendant

Q-Link is a pendant known to neutralize electromagnetic field (EMF) stress effects from computers, cell phones and other electronic devices. The name Qlink is derived from ‘Quantum Link’ because the technology works at the basic, quantum level. Q-link pendants have been proven to give sports persons a competitive edge and make them feel more energized, focused and balanced. It keeps them in a centered state and completely focused on the game. Many athletes are on record saying that wearing a Qlink Pendant increases their endurance. Owing to the stress that modern humans are exposed to, the Qlink Pendants are fast gaining currency as a product of choice for people who value performance and optimal well-being. Q-link is tested to strengthen resilience and resistance to the varied effects of stress. It enhances mental performance, especially under pressure duress.

There are different varieties of Q-link pendants available. While Q-link classic caters to the collectors and those who want unique high-tech pendants, both men and women can wear a Q-link new white type pendant. New white comes with a dual-tone design, beveled-edge triangle with two distinct sides, each making a unique statement. Needless to say, the classic pendants are lightweight, formaldehyde-free, and biocompatible with a resonating cell. Other important Q-link pendant types include: Q-link Titanium, Silver Pebble, Gold Pebble, New Black, Polished Silver, Brushed Silver, Replacement Cord, Q-link Ally, Q-link For Pets and Q-link For Horses. Interestingly, Q-link Ally is a sleek powerhouse that can be kept in pocket to counter the EMF. Ally influences up to a 40-foot radius and is available with rechargeable batteries, AC power cord, and a re-charger.

The Qlink pendants strengthen an individual’s capacity to function in an EMF saturated environment. These pendants have been known to increase positive energy manifold and decrease energy drains caused due to stress. Qlink is considered a premier product for strengthening an individual exposed to direct and ambient sources of EMF, including EMF from computers and cell phones.

Basically designed as a wellness device, Q-link tunes your being for optimal living and helps to harmonize the mind and body. The pendants are easy to maintain. There are no batteries and no parts that wear out. It can be worn while swimming and are hassle-free.

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