Clear Quartz

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Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

What Are The Side Effects Of Silica And Quartz Crystal?

Quartz is one kind of minerals which can be found in large proportion. Most of the land especially where there is sand contains quartz. The dust particles which is in air also contains a large quantity of quartz. The most famous quartz which can be found anywhere in whole world is clear rock crystal. There are many places such as The United States Of America, Brazil, Peru, and the Himalayas in India, Madagascar and Swiss Alps where fine samples of Quartz crystals were found. With the height of 20 feet long and having a weight of more than 48 tons, a single largest quartz-crystal holds the world record.

Quartz is used in televisions and radios, medical equipments, Industrial areas, and telephones and IT industries in the form of filters and oscillators. Hence if you ask me whether the crystals really vibrate? Then my answer will be definitely yes and for confirming it you can look at your wrist watches. The flawless and pure crystals which are used in oscillator plates are nowadays manufactured in laboratories with the help of hydrothermal process. So now we can get pure crystals without having to worry about going in different places in search of them. Also the quartz-crystal is more beautiful and pure while compared to all other stones.

It is said that the people should keep crystals with them which will suit them the most. This depends on the zodiac sign of that person. A wrong choice of crystal can lead to some bad experiences for that person. But anyone can keep Quartz-crystals with them as it is considered to be a universal stone. Quartz crystal supports all the zodiac signs and hence anyone can own a Quartz crystal. It is a pure form of energy and whoever uses it benefits from it as it activates, receives, transmits, amplifies and stores energy. Quartz crystal helps in improving the power of brain and hence it is thinking power. Also all consciousness levels are activated with the help of Quartz crystal. People who are into mediation should have a Quartz crystal as it wonderful source for the mediation and helps you in leading a peaceful life.

Quartz crystals comes in different forms each distinguished by different colours and each of these colours has its own significant importance.

1. Pure Quartz: Rock Crystals also referred to as Pure Quartz are always transparent and colourless.

2. Citrine: These quartz crystal colours differ from pale yellow to brown. Citrine Quartz is often impure and there are very less Citrine which is found naturally.

3. Rose Quartz: This type of Quartz comes in colour ranging from pale pink to rise red colour. Minute rutile needles are found in the rose quartz which when produced before light rays produces an asterism.

4. Amethyst: This Quartz is very popular and comes in a colour from bright to dark purple colour.

5. Smoky Quartz: This Quartz is often found in gray colour. The clarity of this type of Quartz can differ from transparent to brownish- gray crystal. Some of these crystals are also found in black colour.

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What type of crystal is in an agate that I found?

This is a large lake superior agate that I found in Minnesota. There is some clear quartz in the rock. I was looking very closely, and I noticed that inbetween the edge of the quartz and the chalcedony, there is some crystal that is red. It’s a very distinct ruby or blood red. I can tell that it is not agate material, and its structure is just like the other quartz. At first I thought it was the color of the red agate reflecting into the quartz, but after looking closely I realized that it was the actual color of the crystal. Is this just ruby colored quartz, or is it some other type of crystal?

citrine, which is a type of quartz can be really dark rusty red.

i realize that it is most often yellow, but there are instances when it can be rusty-colored as well.

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