Paranormal Phenomena

by admin on March 31, 2010

paranormal phenomena

paranormal phenomena

Is Psychic phenomena for real?

Yes it is very real , and it can be split into two basic catagories. The first would the ‘6th sense’ that all human beings and animals possess , the sense of ‘ambience’, or ‘feeling’ , or ‘awareness’, our feeling of ‘self’. The sense we have that alerts us to danger, or gives us a feeling of excitement, awe, fear, etc. in certain situations even if there is no other stimulus. Then there is the connection to, and awareness we have of ‘feelings’ and ’emotions’ from within us. Anyone with a heartbeat will know what I am talking about and can not deny it’s existence.  This level of Psychic ability actually accounts for probably 90% of what is passed off as ‘gifts’, where as in truth anyone can develop these senses to quite amazing levels. The belief that a ‘sense’ must have an assigned body part is extremely narrow minded and to be honest a little silly.

To be honest, it still amazes me that some people still deny the existence of a ‘sixth sense’ when not only does it account for the above examples, but there is a phenomenal amount of Scientific proof ( that is easily accessable with a little effort ) that not only does it exist  , but it is trainable. Probably the best and most well known example of masses of controlled Scientific study and evidence, would be the Remote Viewing and Psychological Warfare programs run by practically every World Government, with the most extensive and well known being those conducted by the USA, The former Soviet Union, China, the UK, and Czechoslovakia. These countries have, and continue to spend millions of dollars developing and running these programs. Although there was a ‘debunking’ program run by the CIA in the mid 1990’s in an attempt to take credibility away from some ‘whistle blowers’, Freedom of Information acts in several countries have since permitted huge volumes of research to be released, confirming what many former operatives have said, and then some…

Then we have what could really be called a ‘seventh sense’. That which everyone can and does experience to a certain degree at times .That which very young children, and few truly ‘gifted’ adults have to an even greater level of sensitivity. The ability to see / hear / communicate with Spirits. This again is something that while is somewhat harder to ‘prove in a Laboratory’, is certainly very real and has been evidenced since the beginning of human history. I can guarantee that practically all people have had a glimpse of this at times in their lives, but most will choose to brush it off or explain it with ‘logic’, with inner fear being the main reason. Human beings tend to be afraid of that which they either can’t control, or can’t understand. It sometimes amazes me some of the paranormal events that  people will explain with ‘logic’ that clearly isn’t doing the job. But this is fine, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, it is our right to free choice.

Obviously the main protagonists in the campaign to ‘debunk’ the Paranormal are Religions. This is especially hypocritical when their doctrines are often almost entirely based on Paranormal events. As Religion is used as a tool to control others, it is generally in their best interest to try and quash anything that appears to take away some of their power. A Religion should be one that illuminates people and leads to a peaceful and accepting way of life. Not slandering other Religions or other peoples beliefs causing hatred and strife.

Again, the bottom line is freedom of choice. Despite the extensive evidence in favour of the ‘Paranormal’, which outweighs much in some fields of Science and Medicine, people are entitled to believe in what they wish based on their own experience, and should not be persecuted either way.


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Anthony is an Internationally renowned and respected authority in the fields of the Paranormal, Spirit Entity Removal, Remote and in person Healing, Psychic abilities, Human Subconscious, Religion and Cults, and other related areas. He has traveled around the World clearing the energies of people and areas, at times at the request of Religious Organisations when they were not able to resolve issues via their own means. Anthony has also been contracted by Big Business to assist with generating successful outcomes to ventures that were suffering from interference. . His methods are 100% effective and remote. /

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Real paranormal phenomena

What does paranormal phenomena mean in scientific terms?

sry. im quite bad at english n science.

Here’s the short answer:

Paranormal phenomena means nothing in scientific terms.

Scientific method requires falsifiability. The paranormal does not fall into this category. Flying pink unicorns would be paranormal. You see?

Hippy 53 – we don’t have to prove they don’t exist – extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. The burden of proof is yours.

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