Paranormal Investigators

by admin on May 13, 2010

paranormal investigators

paranormal investigators

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Paranormal Investigators: What is it you hope to accomplish by your research?

I am not sure what to think of all this ghost craze but am wondering what motivates you. Since i do not know about all this best answer will be the one who helps me understand.

I have researched miracles first starting at 1976. I was investigating claims of bible miracles. Before that in 1972 I saw a ghost and had a couple of experiences. I also investigated claims of demon possession after becoming a Christian. I tried to tell myself ghosts did not exist and I imagined my experiences but I never could convince myself the experiences were not real, it was very frustrating.

In the beginning I wanted to prove or disprove a miracle by using the bible as my guide. If someone claimed something to be a bible miracle but it did not meet what the bible called a miracle then it was not.. I made a lot of people mad because they saw miracles in everything which is okay until you claim it is a bonified bible miracle then you must be subject to the bible definition of a miracle.

Today I investigate to disprove the haunting if I can and if I cannot then my goal is to help the client understand the psychology of ghosts and I hope to help them live with the spirit or get rid of the haunting by talking to it, To help the client understand what is happening.

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