Paranormal Investigations

by admin on August 12, 2010

paranormal investigations

paranormal investigations

Coming across as a professional when you are dealing with the paranormal is very important in this day and age, that is where paranormal investigation software can really come in handy. When you are starting a paranormal investigation group or if you are presenting any information to anyone in the scientific community then it is important that you always present the work in a simple manner that is easy to reference and examine.

Paranormal data logging

Data logging is where a lot of paranormal investigators fail. People in the scientific community want facts and evidence straight up, they don’t want pages and pages of EVP or EMF readings even if it is unusual. They want to have a clearly presented view of everything summed up on a page. Data logging is an art form on its own, all of the heavily relevant information should be present in an easy to read manner. Times, dates and occurrences should be together on one page. And remember the white rule, the more white on the page the more the relevant information will pop out to the reader.

Contact details

Keeping a record of everyone’s contact details is another reason why paranormal investigation software can be helpful. Having everyone in your group in one place that you can send one email too saves a huge amount of time. Whatever paranormal data logging software you decide to purchase then make sure that it has auto email responders and bulk email senders.

Data analysis

Analysing investigation data is the most important part. Going through pages and pages of notes and hours and hours of sound clips isn’t very convenient and you can waste valuable time and energy. Paranormal investigation software can store all of the most important data in once place and make it easily accessible to anyone using it.

Remember to always have a pen and pad handy regardless of whether you have a data logging system. Sometimes the good old fashioned way of making notes will help your mind process information faster. Paranormal investigation software should be using in conjunction with other methods, not as a replacement.

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Have you ever been on a paranormal investigation?

Have you ever done a “Ghost hunt” or are you part of a paranormal invetigation group? Do you use psychics on your investigations, or do you preffer to only use scientific data?

Yes, I have been on several paranormal investigations. I belong to a Paranormal Group and we don’t go and find a pyschic to use. Most in the group are called Sensitives including myself. We already have pyschic ablilities ourselves. Now do we believe everything that we pick up in pictures? No,not at all. We are also debunkers of our own stuff. We have to make sure that what someone may see in a Pic is not matrixing which does happen and we just tell that person that we do see what they are seeing and that they are just matrixing. It actually happens to alot of people and that’s okay. We use EMF readers and we use dowsing rods (one that I like to use) and we of course have very good tape-recorders and digital cameras that are also always used.
Truthfully I do not like going the sciehtific route as it is really not very accurate. Our group is very trained to do what we do. I trust my group to the fullest. We are not ones to put something out there to the public and not have it be real or truthful.
We love what we all do and yeah sometimes it gets pretty scary yet anyone has to try and control that fear as Spirits can really pick-up on that and use it against you. Trust me I have had that done to me more than once cause I did let that fear take over. Being a member of a Paranormal Investigation group is fantastic if you are able to get into one that is honest and serious about what they do.
Ghosts, Spirits, Demons are very real and it is not about just playing around with it. It will come back to bite you in the rear. I got out of a group not long ago that only suddenly wanted to deal with evil only. That is not what I am about and to tell you that other group doesn’t fully realize that they are playing with fire. Their egos are just to big right now.
So, yes I have gone on lots of ghosts hunts and do belong to a Paranormal Group. If your interested in all this for the right answers, it’s good.

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