Paranormal Investigation Equipment

by admin on June 24, 2010

paranormal investigation equipment

paranormal investigation equipment

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For years Paranormal Investigators/Spirit Hunters have been using EMF detectors to find evidence of spirits being present. As a paranormal investigator and a inquisitive human being I didn’t want to use a tool that may not work or be a myth. Im not here to debate on either side just to provide the facts and let you make your own decision.

The Answer to the question is EMF proof that spirits are present is NO. Never is one tool proof that spirits are present. Like in a criminal trial its the totality of evidence that proves a spirit is present. EMF is caused by many things besides spirits mainly electricity running through wires. This is why you always do several general sweeps of the house with an EMF detector before you investigate. You need to find an average EMF of the house and then look for peaks. EMF is measured in Gauss, average is 2.5-4.5.

Although EMF in a house without spirits is very normal, EMF that moves and changes is not. This is what you should be mainly looking for, also EMF should rarely take place in the middle of a room since wires generally don’t go through the middle of a room in the air.

Remember EMF detectors can read through walls so make sure you check out whats on the other side of the wall or ceiling if you find a high reading.If the building is close to power lines they also send off an EMF.

A fuse box will generally set the EMF detector off so be aware of where they are located in the house or business. Certain lighting especially fluorescents will also give off an EMF reading. All electrical Equipment that is operating also gives off a slight EMF reading.Also always keep the EMF detector moving in a smooth motion, no jerking it around.

When Establishing a Spirit is present in a house EMF is a valuable tool but never use it as the only tool(or any one tool for that matter).The EMF must be constant before you can take a proper reading, if its a graveyard with a power line running right over it or close by it may be impossible to take a proper EMF reading. In order to prove a spirit is present you must be able to show many signs of there prescense. High EMF readings, Sudden temperature change, strange noises etc…

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What paranormal equipment does Penn State Paranormal Research society use?

Looking for all the equipment that they use for matching their equipment so that our investigations will go as great as theirs have been in the past. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Deltona Paranormal Society
Deltona, Fl

Basically all paranormal groups use the same basic equipment, infrared cameras both still and camcorder, thermometer, digital voice recorder, EMF meter and an open mind on the doubting side.

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