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by admin on March 6, 2010

paranormal investigating

paranormal investigating

Publish Your Paranormal Investigations

PIHA is a paranormal group based just outside of Seattle, WA. Our organization, PIHA Paranormal investigations of Historic America (
) only investigates historic communities, museums and public historical sites in Washington State. PIHA exist for two reasons, the first is our passion for US history and the second is our curiosity about the paranormal. Through our investigations at these select locations, we are able to have the historic site or museum featured by the media. This substantially increases the public interest and results in increased revenue from their visitors. It’s really a win-win situation for everyone.

We have recently started a new area on our website called “Select State” where we are trying to get legitimate paranormal organizations like yours to identify the museums and public historical sites that you have investigated and include a brief description of the evidence that you were able to obtain. We also want to add a link or your banner back to your web site. This way, anyone who wants to know more about your organization and how to contact you for possible new investigations will be able to. Our goal is to have a multiple  listing location, state-by-state of these museums and historical sites (commercial and private) that are open to the public and have had evidence obtained the location is possibly haunted.

It is really an extension of what we are doing in our state. This will significantly benefit the museums and historical sites that were investigated by increased revenue from visitors. It also encourages families to pack a lunch and spend the day with their kids at their local museum and learn about their state and community history. In the process, they will also learn more about paranormal investigating and the people that do it.

What we don’t want are re-written ghost stories that you find all over the Internet, but results from a paranormal groups actual investigation. We don’t want to hear about someone’s haunted house or apartment or investigations at cemeteries. Just museums, historical communities and historical sites that are open to the public. As I stated earlier, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. But, without your involvement by submitting your investigation information, everyone loses.

We have worked hard to establish the credibility of paranormal investigating and PIHA to the community leaders, historical societies and museum curators. As our investigation clearly show, we have been successful in this venture. Now we want to take this approach beyond Washington State to eventually include every state in our nation. The only way this is possible is for organizations like yours to contribute their results on this area of our web site. But, without your participation, everything we are trying to do will be a waste of time.

Thanks for reading this message and I hope to hear back from you soon.

Sincerely, Vaughn
About the Author

PIHA, Paranormal Investigations of Historic America ( ), was created specifically for paranormal investigations of public historic sites and museums that have a history of paranormal activity. PIHA is in the process of creating a series of DVD’s that feature the museums, public historical sites and communities in Washington State. There are three regions in Washington State that will be featured. The first region is “Western Washington”, the second is “The Olympic Peninsula” and the third region is “Eastern Washington”.

PIHA is made up of a small group of experienced, dedicated paranormal investigators who have a passion for history and an interest in the phenomena of the possible existence of paranormal activity. Our approach, equipment and procedures for paranormal investigating is primarily based on the use of technologically advanced electronic equipment and scientific logic in obtaining evidence of possible paranormal activity.

On behalf of the volunteer paranormal investigators of PIHA, I invite you to experience Washington State’s amazing historical sites and museums like never before. Through our process of networking with local historical societies, museums and registered, public historical sites, PIHA hopes to encourage public interest in Washington State’s exciting history and the process and technology utilized in scientific paranormal investigations.

PIHA was created with two goals in mind:

1. PIHA hopes to bring Washington State’s history to life by attempting to obtain significant evidence of these strange occurrences. Utilizing the latest in today’s electronic technology and dedicated paranormal investigators, we are accomplishing this objective, one public historical site at a time.

2. PIHA wants to stimulate additional interest in residents and visitors to Washington State’s fascinating history. Our goal is to encourage individuals, families, schools and community organizations to visit these (and other) historical locations for a better understanding of our state’s history and the people who made it and maybe have a personal paranormal experience along he way!

PIHA is not out to prove or disprove the existence of possible paranormal activity, but to publish any significant evidence collected at an investigation. Many people who think that something paranormal exist, physics and logic can debunk. That said, occasionally PIHA obtains evidence that neither physics nor logic applies. When this occurs, we classify it as paranormal evidence and let each individual decide for himself what to believe or not believe.

Wherever your travels in Washington take you, best wishes for a “Trip to the Extraordinary”.

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Have you ever known anyone to charge for paranormal investigations?

I have been investigating the paranormal over 10 years now and I understand that we do not charge, well most of us don’t charge for investigations but I did run into one woman a few years back who does charge. I was just wondering if anyone else has known anyone like this.

I know of psychics that charge for home visits, usually a few people chip in and make a party out of it.
I’ve heard these psychics contact the dead for the party goers.
As far as PI’s helping folks with their paranormal problems. I don’t believe there’s a market or a need.

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