Paranormal Equipment

by admin on May 8, 2010

paranormal equipment

paranormal equipment

Paranormal Investigating Equipment – What You Will Need

Finding paranormal investigating equipment in your own home is a lot easier than you think. You don’t need to have EMF meters, infra-red torches and top of the line digital cameras if you are just going out as a hobby. If you are serious or want to get serious then start off with the basics and just work your way up until you have everything you want. A serious paranormal investigator is always expanding their equipment list.

The equipment basics

For your very first paranormal investigation you should only be needed a few small things. A torch, audio recorder, camera and pen and pad would suffice. All of this could be found in your own home. If you can get hold of a camera that is 35mm then that is a bonus as the picture will be clearer. For the audio recorder if you are using an analogue system then make sure you have enough blank tapes, if you use digital (recommended) then make sure you have enough free memory on the SD card or whatever is being used. Always bring extra batteries for both of these. You could be using them for a long time. Whatever torch you decide to use just make sure that you isn’t a straight beam and that it has a wide lighting area.

The next steps

Once you have gone out on your first investigation then maybe you will be in a place to consider buying some specialist paranormal investigating equipment. The first thing I would recommend is decent logging software for your computer. Paranormal logging software allows you to record data in a professional way making the analysis a whole lot easier. Then after a few investigations using the right logging system then I would try and cross reference results from all of the nights and see if there is any conflicting data.

Becoming a professional

If you have found conflicting data once all of the paranormal investigations have been completed then you should serious think about buying some professional equipment. Firstly I would invest some money in an EMF meter to judge electro magnetic fields in the area, I would also buy another video camera with a high battery life so it can be left on in one place throughout an investigation.

Finding paranormal data can be very exciting, though it is still hard to be taken very seriously within the scientific communities. Try an collect as much data as possible before ever presenting it in public, have all of the information professionally presented and easily viewable with a list of all of the paranormal investigating equipment that was used.

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Psychic Kids: Jackie: Paranormal Equipment

Did you get any Paranormal equipment from Santa?

I got a Printer/Scanner/ Copy machine. Can I do anything paranormal with it?
Hope you all had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Green Eyes…I think it’s more paranormal than a printer etc. I wonder if one would help me not have dreams. I’d like to not have any.
Wush…We used to call them “galoshes”..usually got red or white…and we felt like majorettes in them. lol But we were kids then. You can pretend you’re the Drum Major of the majorettes. I think if you’re in your paranormal waterproof boots and see your reflection in the water…maybe it’s your own ghost.Ever thought of that???

Sure, you can scan pictures and maybe a ghost or mental picture can be projected onto the picture….. Who knows.
I got waterproof boots, I think that pretty paranormal. How can water not get in through the stiches and lace eyeholes? Weird……..
My wife got me a pizza cooker, not paranormal, unless it burns images of the Virgin Mary into the crust, then its paranormal and yummy.

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