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by admin on April 4, 2010

paranormal community

paranormal community

Starting A Successful Paranormal Investigation Team

If you have been thinking about starting a paranormal investigation team then you will need to know how to go about securing a location and sorting out what equipment you will need. You wont need to go spending a load of money on this and most of the items you will need to conduct a successful investigation will be able to be found around the house. The top three things to remember when starting a paranormal investigation team is; who will be coming, where will it be and what will we need.

Who will be coming?

One thing that people worry about is if people will actually turn up to the investigation. Firstly I would only take out a small group of people, maybe just close friends or family. When you feel confident then I would start to advertise in the local newspaper or on the internet. Another way you could promote your paranormal investigation team is by flyering your local area, through that method can be fairly expensive.

Where will it be?

Securing a location is the first step. Try phoning up the owners of somewhere you would like to conduct a paranormal investigation, if they say yes then always make sure that you don’t clash with another group and make sure that you get signed permission. At the end of the night I always like to write a letter of thanks and collect donations from people that attended, this will increase your chances of being able to conduct an investigation in that particular place in the future.

What will I need?

For your first investigation you will only need the basics such as a torch, camera and notepad. After a few investigations and when your paranormal investigation team is expanding then it would be wise to invest some money in a paranormal data logging program. This will allow you to analyse data efficiently, present clear and professional logs of the night and also keep in contact with members of your group by sending bulk emails.

After you have done a few investigations, have some software and a solid group of people then maybe you could think about purchasing EMF meters and digital recorders. Then you will be in a better position to be taken seriously by the scientific community and expert paranormal investigation teams.

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