Haunted T Shirts

by admin on March 15, 2010

haunted t shirts

haunted t shirts

Creating a Tidy Closet

Closet organization is a multi-billion dollar industry.  But there are a few things you can do yourself that require little or no money.  Getting your closets organized is a good way to get your life in order.  With clutter and disarray around you, you just feel overwhelmed.  That feeling of being pulled in all directions with too many responsibilities to handle can be lessened by getting things in order around the home.

Start by setting a date to do your organizing.  Leave the whole day or weekend empty to get things done.  You can enlist the help of friends or family.  But, if you anticipate having to baby people through the process or constantly needing to stop to take care of things for the family, then arrange for them to be out of the house on your organization day.

Take it one step at a time and don’t think about how much work you’ll have to do.  Pull things out of one closet and start by getting rid of what you don’t need.  Giving clothes to charity or friends is like having a heavy weight lifted.  Get the clutter out and feel the difference in your mood and energy.  If you’re not sure about whether you can let go of something, consider storing it somewhere other than your closet.  You can keep sentimental items with your out of season clothing.  Another option is to simply turn the hanger around backwards.  If that hanger stays backwards for more than a year, then you know that you should get rid of it.

Now is the time to get things moving.  Without building a lot of shelves or installing drawers, you can still make space.  Hooks and over the door organizers are popular.  A small shelf on the floor can double your shoe storage space and eliminate that giant shoe pile that haunts you.  Consider a wooden chest outside of the closet for storing boots and other bulky shoes that you don’t wear often.

Another trick is to get a 12” wide board and cut it into triangles.  Install triangle shelves in the front corners of your closet to give yourself endless areas for little things like dress shoes, jewelry, camera bags and more.  Use small bins and baskets to keep things in their place.  Crates can be used for things like crafts, linens, socks and underwear to keep them out of sight, yet organized.

The last step is to purchase some matching specialty hangers.  Shirt hangers, <a href=”http://www.closethangerfactory.com”title=”Skirt Hangers”>skirt hangers</a>, pants hangers and dress hangers can keep things from becoming crammed or ending up on the floor.

These are all inexpensive options.  Utilizing small shelving, bins, skirt hangers and <a href=”http://www.closethangerfactory.com”title=”Shirt Hangers”>shirt hangers</a>, you can quickly get things organized in your home and let your life move along.

About the Author

About the Author: Charlie Hafter is on the staff of Closet Hanger Factory, a leading online resource for shirt hangers, skirt hangers, pants hangers and dress hangers. Get all of the accessories you could need at http://www.closethangerfactory.com, which is recognized worldwide for their excellent quality hangers.

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AT&T Meatloaf Commercial Question! Please help this is driving me crazy!!!!!?

The son on the commercial is wearing a white tee shirt that had a black haunted house in the back ground with splashes on orange on it and there are brids or bats flying away from the house. Is this a Meatloaf tee shirt or another bands tee shirt or what?!? Its driving me crazy!

Adam Cagley is the son on the commercial, Tiffany is the wife/mother and the tshirt is refering to Bat Out Of Hell (great album). The song is Paradise by the Dashboard Light. Loved it 🙂

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