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haunted t shirt

haunted t shirt

What is Mt. Fuji to Japan?

When you think of Japan, one of the first images that comes to your mind might be the image of Mt. Fuji. Its famous symmetrical cone is frequently depicted in art and photographs and has been a symbol of Japan. So, needless to say, to if you know someone who love Japaense culture, the products with Mt. Fuji image could be a great gift to them!!

Before introducing any Mt. Fuji products, let me introduce Mt. Fuji itself and its brief history to those who don’t know much about it. If you know this information, it could make you more thoughtful, it could make the gift little bit more special as well.

As most of you know already, Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain of Japan 3,776 m (12,388 ft), an active volcano which last errupted in 1707-08 during Edo era.  It is located near the Pacific coast of Central Honshu (Japan’s main island), and straddles the boundary of Shizuoka and Yamanashiprefectres just west of Tokyo. It is surrounded by five lakes. Lake Kwaguchi, Lake Yamanaka, Lake Sai, and Laki Shoji. From the Lake Ashithat is nearby, excellent views of the mountain could be provided. These lakes are great places for family leisure or sightseeing as well. Starting on July 1st, there is buses that go to fifth station, and from there, there are 4 major routes to the summit. Usually the climbing season is open from July to August 26-27. However, every year there are people who climb Mt. Fuji on the New Years Day to see the first sunrise of the year. (very dangerous!)

Mt. Fuji is also one of the three holy mountains (San-Rei-Zan) of Japan. In Japan, since ancient times, mountains or other natural places such as caves etc have been considered as sacred place where the holy spirits (for some mountains, deceased souls) gather. (It is also related to Japanese religion “Shinto“) It is said, the first ascent of Mt. Fuji was in 663 by anonymous monk and it was forbidden to women until Meiji Era (1868-1912).

Dark side of Mt. Fuji: Aokigahara (Trivia)
When there is things that are holy about Mt. Fuji, on the other hand, there is something dark about it as well. At the base of Mt, Fuji, there is a deep dark forest called Aokigahara. Since antient times, it is said that once someone get in, they can never get out. Folk tales and legends tell of demons, ghosts, and goblins haunting the forest, and in the 19th century, Aokigahara was one of many places poor families abandoned the very young and the very old. Aokigahara is the world’s second most popular suicide location after San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. When you go to 5th Station of the mountain by bus tour, you can get the views of this vast, dense forest from the bus .(no stopping, please). 

Today’s Mt. Fuji
There is a famous Japanese saying , “Anybody would be a fool not to climb Mt. Fuji once—but a fool to do so twice”. There must be something special about reaching the top of the Japan’s highest mountain, even though it would exhaust you like hell. Interestingly, in recent years, the number of women climbers is increasing mostly for personal leisure purpose despite Japan’s economic recession. Some change in plants of Mt. Fuji has been reported due to the concerns of global warming as well.

Needless to say, Mt.Fuji has been very special to Japan and has been loved by Japanese people and the people around the world. Its role in Japanese art such as Ukiyoe is enormous, its beauty has been loved by many people. It would certainly make a great gift especially for Ukiyoe lovers. However, if you are looking ofr some gift for Japanese people, Mt.Fuji gifts may not always be the best choice. Especially T-shirt or some apparels. Well, from my (Japanese) point of view, when the people who are not Japanese wear well-designed Mt.Fuji T-shirt, it looks cool, it also make the person look cultured as well. But, when Japanese wear Mt.Fuji T-shirt, I would assume either he is somewhat egoistic, or has good sense of humor. For example, I would like to wear Mt. Fuji T-shirt when I actually climb Mt. Fuji, etc… So, don’t just jump into conclusion that just because Mt. Fuji is loved in Japan, it would always be a great gift for Japanese as well :)))

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