Ghosts Of Mississippi

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ghosts of mississippi

ghosts of mississippi

8-8-08 Wedding Destinations

Remember the frenzy surrounding last year’s date of July 7,2007? couples were lined up at wedding chapels in Las Vegas to get married on that date because the number, 7-7-07 was considered a lucky date for many couples. But, if you and your fiancé missed out on that date, don’t despair, because on August 8, 2008 you will have another opportunity to get hitched on a “lucky” day.

While the number 7 is considered lucky in Western cultures, the number 8 is considered very lucky in Chinese cultures, and that lucky status will probably spill over into the non-Chinese wedding market as well, as couples seek a “lucky” day on which to start their new lives together.

While the number 8 is considered lucky in Chinese cultures, a wedding on 8-8-08 has another lucky element going for it: It’s on a Friday, and Friday weddings are typically cheaper than weddings on the weekend. So, you will be able to get your lucky wedding date and save money at the same time.

8-8-08 Wedding Destinations:

Since 8-8-08 is considered a lucky number, it’s almost certain that Las Vegas will be overrun with couples wanting an 8-8-08 wedding. There are numerous wedding chapels and drive-thru chapels where you can get married quickly and without much planning. To really highlight the luckiness of the day, you might want to tie the knot in a casino wedding chapel.

Of course, Las Vegas isn’t the only place where Lady Luck resides. You might want to consider Monte Carlo, the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe, Atlantic City, or one of the riverboat casinos along the Mississippi River.

Another creative 8-8-08 wedding option would be a wedding or honeymoon at a hotel residing at a “lucky 888” address. Two interesting options come to mind:

Admiral Fell Inn
Historic Fell’s Point
888 South Broadway
Baltimore MD

The historic Admiral Fell Inn is located in Baltimore’s most historic neighborhood, and not far from the Inner Harbor. Originally built in 1860, the Admiral Fell Inn has recently been renovated, and has been called the “Best Place to Stay in Baltimore by the Philadelphia Style Magazine and one of “20 Best Historic Hotels” by AirTran Airways Inflight Magazine.

A stay at the Admiral Fell Inn not only gives you an 888 address for your 8-8-08 wedding, but also includes some ghosts to liven up your wedding. You can learn about the ghosts of the Admiral Fell at the Admiral’s Tea, or take a Ghost Tour of the Inn. On Friday’s and Saturday’s you can even take part in a Ghost Sing-a-Long.

For those couples choosing to have their 8-8-08 wedding at the Admiral Fell Inn, you will have your choice of many locations inside and outside of the Inn: The Admiral Ballroom, located on the top floor, offers views of Baltimore’s Skyline and accommodates up to 150 guests; the Memory Garden, which is suited to more intimate weddings of up to 30 guests; or the Bond Street Pier at Fell’s Point, which accommodates up to 150 guests.

Wyndham Palm Springs
888 East Tahquitz Canyon Way
Palm Springs, CA

Another “lucky” 888 venue for your wedding is the Wyndham Palm Springs, a desert resort offering spectacular views of the San Jacinto Mountains. The Wyndham is located just 3 blocks from Palm Canyon Drive, where you’ll find great shopping and fine dining. Of course, one caveat is that 8-8-08 is a particularly hot time of year in Palm Springs, so you will have to be prepared for the heat. On the other hand, summer rates are usually much cheaper than other times of the year, so you may get even luckier and receive a great deal. Ceremonies are held in the courtyard by the Oasis Pool or in their Grand Ballroom.

One way to beat the heat of Palm Springs in August would be to take the nearby Palm Springs Aerial Tram 2-1/2 miles up to the San Jacinto Mountains overlooking Palm Springs, where you can enjoy 54 miles of hiking trails, as well as dinner at Peaks Restaurant, for fine food and a breathtaking view of the desert below.

For the more budget conscious, you might also consider an elopement ceremony followed by a honeymoon stay at the Super 8 Motel at 888 S. Main in Fort Bragg, California, or the Comfort Suites Marina, at 888 N. Coast Highway in Oceanside, California.

No matter your destination, whether it be a Las Vegas casino chapel, a venue located at an 888 address, or even your own backyard, those planning an August 8, 2008 wedding should remember to book venues and wedding services early, as 8-8-08 should be a very busy time for weddings.

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Ghosts Of Mississippi

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By the end of the novel, Santiago has obviously become a much stronger person. Throughout his three-day battle with the marlin, Santiago had to dig deep inside himself to make it through all his hardships. When he begins his journey, his mindset is to capture the fish and use it to feed himself and make money for him to survive on. He has not an iota of respect for the marlin. When the fish takes

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