Ghosts Caught On Tape

by admin on April 1, 2010

ghosts caught on tape

ghosts caught on tape

46XV645U LCD HDTV Reviews!

46XV645U Best TV I’ve Ever Owned

By: Robert B. Hirsch

First, the shipping from Amazon was first rate. The delivery driver insisted that we open the box to insure that there was no damage. Set-up was a breeze. The TV is not too heavy, the instructions were clear, and the on-screen menu was easy to follow.

I have read several comments complaining about degraded picture if viewed from an angle and poor sound. I did not experience either with this TV. I viewed the screen from every angle, accept from the ceiling, and did not notice any change. Sound is crisp and clear with no annoying sound that others complained about.

My biggest concern was possible reflection during the day since the TV would be in a brightly lit room with south facing windows and a glass door facing the screen. I was pleased to not see any of these reflected in the picture.

I did my research before buying and believe I purchased a quality product at a terrific price.


Toshiba REGZA 46XV645U


46XV645U Excellent TV and Shipping

By: C. S. McIntire

The TV performs equal to or better than the comments noted in other 5 star ratings. We have used the set with both Dish and DirecTV over the past few months and are impressed with the picture clarity in all formats from 480i to 1080i. We have not yet used it in the 1080p format.

Setup was easy since it was a replacement for a 32 inch Toshiba set. Amazon scheduled shipment originally for after Christmas, but the set became available much earlier and was received in early December. White Glove delivery was made exactly as scheduled, the set was installed, the deliverer made sure it was operating to our satisfaction, he gathered the boxes, cleaned up, and was attentive to our requests throughout.

We did learn in the setup process that the HDMI cable used on our 32 inch, 60hz set was inadequate for the 120hz set. Upon replacement with a category 2 cable, picture quality became flawless. Picture quality to the edge of the screen is uniform and there are no errant pixels anywhere on the screen.


46XV645U Finally!

By: R. J. Shedd

Started my research before Black Friday, hoping to snag a deal on which ever TV that I decided on. Little did I know that comparing HDTV’s is much like comparing the old apples and oranges. Reviews are usually mixed, for even the highest priced models. I needed a matte screen, as the TV sits next to a huge picture window (which meant a plasma wouldn’t work)and I wanted a headphone jack for my wireless headphones (excellent sound and I can watch my action movies without bothering my wife). I also wanted a brand that I had luck with in the past. Well, I didn’t make a decision in time to take advantage of either Thanksgiving or Christmas deals. When I saw Amazon had the bundle deal that included the Blu-ray player for the Regza, which was on my short list, I pulled the trigger…finally!

It arrived today. Kind of an ordeal, as I attempted to schedule both the TV delivery and the cable people to switch me to DVR/HD box. I wanted the TV here first so the cable guy could hook it up. It took lots of phone calls but it worked out. CEVA delivered…but almost didn’t. I was outside when he drove down my dead end road, backed into my driveway, then drove away as I ran after the truck yelling and waving my arms like an idiot. Did I mention that I have a heart condition and really didn’t need to run the 440 in 20 degree weather? Anyway, caught the guy and still don’t understand how he missed the house (he had GPS and I have huge address numbers on the house).

At the drivers recommendation, we did not turn on the TV to check it out because of the cold. I let it sit a couple hours. This was quite the gamble because the TV arrived with two big taped over holes toward the bottom of the box, almost as if a small fork lift stabbed it. All is well that ends well…no damage to TV. The picture is amazing and I don’t know what all the complaints were in the reviews…sound is fine, no buzzing, ghosting or any other issues that people mentioned. I did follow calibration settings from a website and I like them, except I notice flesh tones are a touch too yellow. Will work on that tomorrow.

If you have made looking for an HDTV a second career…just stop it and buy this TV. I know it’s early, only having it on for five hours so far, but I have a really good feeling about it. I will update if I find any “surprises”.

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World’s Scariest Ghosts: Caught on Tape 1/5


i just watched a whole bunch of ghost stuff on youtube, like, ppl put videos on there about how they caught ghosts and demons on tape and now im really paronoid. I’m afraid 2 get up, if i hear any sudden noises it scares me even if im used 2 the noises,i keep looking behind me and all around me even if im terrified 2,i cant put my feet on the ground and im home alone!! im shaking like crazy and im about 2 burst into tears! PLZ HELP!!
o ya and i REALLY have 2 go 2 the bathroom but there’s no WAY im going in there.
u guys PLZ dont think im lying! i got off there and i got so scared that i just came right here 2 ask u guys if u had any advice. is that 2 much 2 ask?

Demons love to generate fear in people. Why? Because they are essentially powerless otherwise.

There is no need to fear them. If they find they can’t make you afraid, they go elsewhere.

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