Ghost Stories And Pictures

by admin on September 28, 2010

ghost stories and pictures

ghost stories and pictures

Did you know one of the top categories for book sales is cookbooks? I bet you never thought about it unless you were in the publishing business or bookstore retail sector, but nevertheless it is a fact. And one of the greatest things about cookbooks is they have great pictures which make us hungry and allow us to create. Some folks cook strictly by the instructions, like building a model aircraft, others like me create and modify the recipe as we go. Sometimes due to lack of all the ingredients handy, other times because, well, because freedom comes with rewards – in this case to the taste buds.

Whatever the reason, we like to have our cook books handy in the kitchen as we prepare the meal. Now with Kindle and the new iPad – and all the clone devices to follow, we will need our cook books in electronic form and they will have to be in the kitchen with us. Of course, staring down at a cook book is not the world’s best way to keep from getting a sore neck. Perhaps, this is why the William Sonoma Catalog has cookbook holders.

Well, I propose someone hurry up and design a Kindle or iPad holder for my kitchen.

Why, because I want one, that’s why, and if you cook, you will too, if not now, eventually. You see, having all the recipes in the world on your electronic hard drive ebook reader or iPad would be brilliant and therefore it probably will happen one day. But first things first, we need a decent stand, or even a docking station for it. The stand could be simple, elaborate, or hanging from a cabinet designed for eye-level. Perhaps, some of each – variations and choices for the cooking consumer, or master chef?

Think about it, one wave of a hand on your iPad and suddenly you have all the potential variations, perhaps you can go online and here what others had to say about modifying ingredients – success stories and disaster dishes.

Better yet, modern high-tech kitchens will probably have an iPad hooked up to a holographic projector to put that recipe right in front of you as you work. Wow, even George Jetson’s robotic maid and cook would have loved that one.

Someone needs to rethink the kitchen to take advantage of this new eBook trend as we all go out and purchase eBook readers and iPads with cookbooks on them. Indeed, I’d love to brainstorm with someone who has been thinking here as well; because it seems like such a natural progression and evolution of this latest technology. Please consider all this.

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank. Lance Winslow believes it is important to follow directions when building a meal or a home;

Note: All of Lance Winslow’s articles are written by him, not by Automated Software, any Computer Program, or Artificially Intelligent Software. None of his articles are outsourced, PLR Content or written by ghost writers.

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Collected Ghost Stories Group

Why would someone dream something they were told?

Years ago, I was camping with my realitives. On the last night, my cousin told us a ghost story. It was about a boy who stole some Indian bone from a museum, and the ghost of that Indian held the kid’s class hostage on the bus until someone returned it. The ghost made the bus driver disappear, and the students were forced to remain on the bus for all eternity because the kid was too scared to return the bone. “Where is my BONE?!” the ghost would say. I remember imagining after she told my realitives and i this story, I pictured a bus driving endlessly with no driver, a ghost Indian and a group of kids. Three days later I had a nightmare based on this story, I was the kid with the bone. I woke up screaming in fear and sweating terribly. My question is: Why would something we were told or saw reappear in our dreams, for instance a ghost story appearing as a nightmare three days later?

Its human nature.
You were told something that might’ve scared you so you’ll remeber it ten times longer. then it’ll reapear in you dreams because your constantly thinking of it. And it bascially sounds like that story when the kid finds a toe and then a dude comes and screams out “where is my toe?” it scared me and I had dreams of it each night, finaly I outgrew it and plus when watching scary things know it’ll NEVER happen to you 87 % of the time, you have a higher percentage of getting in a car crash.

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John Culbertson September 29, 2010 at 10:00 am

This is my first post to this blog, but I have to say I think I’ll be coming back quite often. There seems to be a wealth of information here and I’ll have fun exploring, reading, and adding my penny worth of information here and there.

Regarding this post: Having previously owned a bookstore I have to say even I was unaware that cookbooks were the number one selling type of book. Perhaps I should have had a cooking store as opposed to new age store? Oh well, either way I loved your idea for an Ipad holder in the kitchen. I’m sure someone is already working on one….

It was also asked why someone would dream something they were told. I’ve learned that there are a few different answers to that question.

1st: A person may dream what they were told simply because it was one of the last imprinting things on their mind and they are now letting go of it from their subconscious and conscious mind.

2nd: Many times guides, the higher self, the god force energy, (whatever you want to call a higher power) uses dreams as a means of communication with the dreamer. The more traumatic the dream, the more likely it will be remembered upon waking up. When we see or hear something new which we internalize to any degree that now becomes a new symbol which may be used to both capture the attention of the dreamer as well as pass along symbolic information to them.

Thanks for having the blog and I look forward to reading and sharing more as time permits.

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