Ghost Stories And Pictures

by admin on January 20, 2010

ghost stories and pictures

ghost stories and pictures

Writing Short Stories – From Amateur to Professional Status

Writing short stories or poetry is where most writers begin their long journey towards publication. It provides a perfect creative outlet for those who have the feint stirrings of a story to tell and wish to transfer those creative thoughts to paper. Crafting a unique and well-rounded story is not easy and there are many pitfalls but with a little help, success is only a few steps away. When writing short stories, always consider what you are trying to achieve. It is very easy for the writer to become lost in the depths of their own imagination and a 1000 word story can easily be trebled. Writing short stories is an art form and it deserves a great deal of recognition as the writer must be focussed and dedicated to the task at hand.

There are many different story lengths available, writers can choose to write flash fiction which can be anything from approximately 50 words up to 1000, although many fiction magazines seek out stories which also have had the chance to develop and grow and these can be around the 2000 word mark. Identifying a market for the story is the first step and then once this has been determined, it is time to plan the story in its entirety. Writing short stories that will sell readily requires additional planning, so extend the market research around the intended publication. For example, what do you know about the readership? A story about a teenage pregnancy is not going to be of interest to publications aimed at those in their senior years unless the writer can make it relate to them significantly.

Many writers fail at the first post by writing solely for themselves. There is of course, nothing wrong with writing for the sheer joy of creativity alone, but as many writers would like nothing more than to see their story and name in print, it is vital that those writers change their mind set from that of an amateur to a professional and this will then afford them much more opportunities and in fact, fuel that creative fire even further.

When writing a story with a minimal word count, many writers neglect to develop their characters fully but it is important that the reader begins to connect with the characters and start to care as to the outcome, otherwise the story will lack interest for them. Allow the reader to identify with a strong human interest angle and this will help keep them interested and following through to the end.

Stories are around us all the time but it is our own unique interpretation that makes the story come alive. As writers, it is important that any witnessed mannerisms, characteristics and events are all stored away for future use,  as aspects of events can be used in short stories, for example  an old creepy building that you may have observed in passing could be used when trying to picture a haunted house for a ghost story. Life produces unlimited opportunities for story tellers everywhere but when writing short stories with a serious intent, we have to make good use of this free material and then we can go from amateur to professional quickly and easily.



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Ghost Pictures From Haunted Fort Douglas Military Museum

Can Anyone Tell Me the Name of This Book?

Ok, this is a long shot. I used to check out this creepy ghost story book from the library as a kid. It had really gorgeous illustrations and interesting stories. I’d love to know the name of it. I can only offer story descriptions and pictures. One story was about two English children who find a ball that’s haunted by a ghost dog. If they had the ball, the dog would play with them. Another was about a kid on Christmas Eve who wakes up at night to find his dead grandmother sitting by the Christmas tree. The pic was really scary, her eyes were glowing. She tries to take him to a dead baby buried in the yard, but his grandfather wakes up and intervenes. The front of the book I saw was illustrated with a haunted house, with ghosts flying around. Any help on this would be appreciated, it was a great book!

It sounds like one of the Creepers.

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