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by admin on July 23, 2010

ghost ships

ghost ships

Symantec Norton Ghost 15.0 20097684

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Symantec Norton Ghost 15.0 20097684


Symantec Norton Ghost 15.0 20097684
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Customer Review:

I bought this product to make a complete backup of my HP laptop that had to go back to HP for a replacement motherboard. Backup went well, but after more than a week, more than 30 hours, many interviews, three phone calls, I am still unable to return. 

Norton Engineering and acknowledged some errors or bugs and left behind a workaround solution, but going backwards. 

The Norton could not get the recovery disk to connect to another computer on my network to do a recovery that way, so I had to go out and buy a $ 100 external drive (create a very expensive purchase Spirit), as saying is not always possible to return from one apartment to another). Still did not work. 

Later still, the engineer told me you can not move the hand stand point because “sometimes corrupts the file” … Nobody was on record saying that … In fact, you warrant to move the backup to restore the network server. 

So I have a worthless $ 1,000 notebook, wasted more than a week worked on this piece of junk!


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CheapSymantec Norton Ghost 15.0 (1 PC)

Not 2003

I use 2003 at work and can clone a hard drive. I bought this for home and it will not clone a drive. Other than that it is good for backing up. I will see when there is a crash if I can recover.

DiscountSymantec Norton Ghost 15.0 (1 PC)

Worth every penny!

Ghost was recommended to me by a friend, as I had just spent more than 2 weeks rebuilding my system after a Windows XP automatic update went wrong. I ordered the box copy (with CD), and installed it. My one complaint here is that it wasnt as easy as I had expected, the CD and Windows versions seem ‘unaware’ of each other. However, when Windows pulled the same trick on me 3 weeks later, restoring the system was a breeze! It took less than 2 hours and everything is exactly back the way it was. 
I highly recommend this product!

SaveSymantec Norton Ghost 15.0 (1 PC)

Great product

This is the first backup software I have purchased. I installed this for use with a HP SimpleSave external drive when my Vista backup disk filled up. While it took two tries to setup, the setup was very simple and straightforward. I would definitely recommend this product.

Low PriceSymantec Norton Ghost 15.0 (1 PC)

Required software for everybody

Ghost is the easiest way to COMPLETELY back up your computer bar none. Set it and forget it, your system is completely backed up to an external or off site location. When your hard drive crashes you simply replace the drive then download from your external source and you are back where you started, no separate downloading of applications and reconfiguring, none of that stuff. If you don’t buy this product, I’ll feel sorry for you when your disk crashes.

Lowest PriceSymantec Norton Ghost 15.0 (1 PC)

Good Ghost

Does everything I want, and easy to use. I had one backup session that wouldn’t continue because of an obscure error when it started. Did a repair in Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs and all has been well since.

Shop ForSymantec Norton Ghost 15.0 (1 PC)

Excellent, very fast, easy to use backup

I’ve been using backup programs on PC’s since the first IBM PC was introduced in 1982. For the past several years, I’ve been using various versions of Ghost, most recently, Ghost 10. Today, I installed Ghost 15. 

The installation went flawlessly, but after the normal reboot, when G15 tried to run Live Update, LU didn’t work. I went ahead and ran an Incremental Backup, using the Job Definition from Ghost 10. 

It failed. 

I contacted Symantec Technical Support through Live Chat. The technician (among other things), deleted the old Ghost 10 jobs and asked me to define a new one. The new one worked flawlessly. And, it ran in less than half the time needed by Ghost 10. (G15 also costs about half of what G10 cost a few years ago.) 

The technician explained that G15 had been unable to find the destination drive for the backup, apparently because the stored description of it from G10 was incompatible, and trying to maintain compatibility from five versions ago was a bit much to ask. He added that the old backups from G10 will be usable by G15, if they’re needed. (Let’s hope not.) 

We kept the Chat session running while Backup ran and he (presumably) helped other people. When Backup finished, he got back online and fixed the Live Update problem. 

So, I give the product 5 stars, and if it was possible to separately rate Symantec’s service, it would get more than 5 stars. I’ve needed their support for various products and problems with several of our computers, over the years, and each time have been very happy and impressed with their knowledge, skills, and friendly-professional attitude. If possible, this time the support was even better than usual. 

Symantec’s ability to provide good support is worth far more than the entire price of their product.

PurchaseSymantec Norton Ghost 15.0 (1 PC)

This is a life saver

I have worked in the IT field for many years. I have worked with many different versions of Symantec/Norton Ghost The Enterprise and consumer versions are a must for any computer user. Version 15 of Norton Ghost is probably the best consumer version yet. 1 bootable CD is the installation for Windows and the “rescue” disk. This software creates an image of the typical Windows XP installation including applications and data in about 40 minutes. You can boot from the CD and restore that image in less than half that time. The environment that I used was a removable SATA hard drive on a PCIe SATA II controller which probably gave me those amazing speeds. I do not care if it takes 2 or 3 times as long. If it backs up and restores, it is a life saver. Keep in mind that with an external USB drive these times could be significantly longer. One note here that was just amazing is that the recovery console is so feature rich that you can even install additional drivers for disk controllers on the fly and they work. 

I would give this a 10 if it was an option. 

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