Ghost Ship

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ghost ship

ghost ship

The second chapter of this book is called “Lying at the Heart of Horror” presumably because Cowan points out how several horror films concoct a pseudo-religion within their story-lines. Three examples in this chapter are Lost Souls, Ghost Ship, and Dracula Has Risen from the Grave.

Key Theme – sociophobics

Lost Souls

The pseudo-religious message in Lost Souls was presented as a quote at the offset of the film “A man born of incest will become Satan and the world as we know it will be no more” – Deut. 17. This passage is not anywhere in Deuteronomy or the Bible for that matter.

Ghost Ship

This is a classic ghost story where the main character, Epps, parallels Ripley from the film Aliens. The villain of this film, Ferriman, collects souls like the Greek mythological character Charon. The quasi-imagery is that Mr. Ferriman in this film is deceitful and sinister. The real Charon is not malevolent at all.

Dracula Has Risen from the Grave

Priest Mueller and atheist Paul have to fight off the evil monster – Dracula. What is particularly spurious about this film is that in the end, Mueller turns to atheist Paul and tells him that he must pray… Paul yells back “you’re a priest, why don’t you pray?”

Why the pseudo-religion?

Why would filmmakers introduce such obvious religious shams in their films?

Cowan mentions later in the chapter that the majority of people believe in the spiritual and supernatural… they just have apathy toward traditional religion. Presumably because, traditional religion does not have the best track record. (Greek, Rome… Christianity, Crusades)

This pseudo religion is an attempt to codify or quantify the spiritual but in a new way. But “today’s” new religion is always at risk of becoming “tomorrow’s” traditional one, evoking apathy…


What I think should be focused on is the spiritual relationships fear brings. Cowan highlights this at the end of the chapter.

He cleverly breaks down the verse “the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom”

Prov. 1:7… “The common denominator in the negotiation of the unseen world is fear… fear (terror) is the thread cloth that holds religion together…”. (Cowan, 52).

When you think about it, through monsters, conspiracies and end times movies – we are compelled to fear not just the unknown but the existence of evil.

To admit the existence of absolute evil is to, by definition, acknowledge the existence of that which is absolutely good – ie God. This philosophical truth – when framed in a horror film brings immediate results. Ppl get scared and start praying or screaming oh my God. Although it evokes a fear of evil it emboldens ones hope that good will help the hero in the film.

The X-files example…

A really good example of this fear relationship being used instead of new interim pseudo religion was the show X-Files. He mentions in the chapter that belief increased during the time the show was on the air.

Their was an increase of belief in psychic phenomena during 1990 and 2000 according to the Gallup poll. Belief in spiritual healing went from 44 to 54 – belief in ghosts went from 25 to 38. One cannot make a direct correlation but the show was a huge hit and it has become part of the pop culture lexicon.

Even though the show is no longer on, people have continued to compare it to the current pop culture phenomenon Lost. Chris Carter’s latest installment of the X-Files was the film X-Files: I Want to Believe. While this film takes a departure from aliens and government conspiracies (A La post 9/11 backlash) it still focuses on faith. The biggest complaint critics had with this film is they didn’t say what our characters were ‘wanting to believe’ in… I would argue that the Christian allusions are obvious.

Although his latest installment did not have as much success as the 1998 film X-Files: Fight the Future, I think their formula of finding relationships between fear and faith works better than the contrived pseudo-religions used by the other films criticized in this chapter.

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