Ghost Pines

by admin on July 8, 2010

ghost pines

ghost pines

Getting Over Unrequited Love—Painful but Often Necessary

Most people have a more difficult time getting over unrequited love than other love affairs. Perhaps the fact that the relationship was over before it ever began or the fact that it never really begin in the first place is to blame. It still remains that the ghosts of what might have been often manage to linger much longer than the ghosts of relationships past.

If you feel as though getting over unrequited love is not happening quickly enough for you there are some things you can do that might help the process along. First though, you must decide if you are truly ready to move on or if you believe that there is a chance worth fighting for that you could turn the situation around and enjoy the love you’ve been longing for.

You may decide, for the sake of your sanity, to move along. If this is the case then you will want to consider these steps for getting over unrequited love.

Improve Yourself

If you invest the same amount of time in your efforts to improve that you invested in pining over a love that was “out of your league” then you should be in good standing for some major improvements.

Whether you want to buff up, lose weight, gain some self confidence, get an education, find a new job, or whatever your goals may be, now is a great time to do this when you aren’t encumbered by the time it takes to maintain a healthy relationships.

Engage in Non-Romantic Pursuits

If you are getting over unrequited love, or, as the case may be attempting to get over unrequited love then you will do well to find some interests that are not at all romantic in nature. Join a weekly poker game, find adventure in online role playing games, learn to sail, try gourmet cooking, or learn a craft that you can pursue in your spare time. Keep your minds and your hands busy without worrying about the opposite sex for a while.

Find Someone Else to Date

After you’ve tried these things for a while in hopes of getting over unrequited love you are probably ready to dive into the dating pool again. Rest assured that there are many options available to you for finding someone that will meet your needs and spark your interests. Online dating communities, local speed dating, community groups and organizations, and professional match-making services can help you find someone that is not only compatible but also interesting.

About the Author

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Jaramia Bond ghost rides the whip in pollock pines

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My haunted disposition
Pines for loves embrace
Marrow torn asunder
Blessed – clueless face,

Display of lyric composition
And zephyr in the night
Mysterious collaboration
Delivered by the light,

Consequence of vision
Realism takes a hold
Sorrow growing in the shadow
Conforming to the mould,

Searching for some guidance
The Heavens Master speaks
Let grace be upon this heart
From which envy leaks,

Pursuit of pleasure for the eye
Will be put to death
Awesome life to be given
By His Holy breath.

Written by

This takes a couple of reads to fully understand the message. A religious poem dealing with jealousy/envy plus lonliness. A very nice flow to your words. “Will be put to death” would be a line that I would rethink as the meaning is obvious but the harshness detracts from the rest of your words. Overall, I like. My compliments.

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