Ghost Pictures And Video

by admin on May 12, 2010

ghost pictures and video

ghost pictures and video

Video Splitter: An accessory for surveillance applications to display a video signal on multiple displays

With the help of a Video Splitter, a video signal from a single source can be distributed to multiple outputs at the same time without any loss in the signal quality. They amplify many types of video, including s-video television signals, RCA or BNC connections, VGA and DVI and send it to multiple monitors. They can be used to send signals from video cameras, computers, VCRs or cable boxes to many displays. The number of displays that it supports varies depending upon the model of the splitter. Some of the models provide a series connecting function that allows users to expand the number of display monitors by cascading or daisy chaining the splitters. Also known as a distribution amplifier, these devices work on the simple principle of plug and play.

Video Splitter is available in a variety of sizes such as 2, 4, 8 or 16 ports, these splitters are also available in a Cat5 version that allows you to extend long distances over inexpensive Cat5e/Cat6 cabling, thereby reducing costs and clutter associated with the other cables. Even though these devices transmit the video signals over long distances, they maintain the picture quality and ensure that no ghosting of images occurs. These devices are compatible with NTSC, PAL or SCEAM signals. Control of these devices can be maintained via push buttons on the front of the panel or remotely via an RS-232 interface. When video and audio signals are needed to be distributed to multiple displays and speakers simultaneously, VGA Audio Video Splitter is used. Small and compact, these devices are equipped with a LED on the front to indicate the power status.

These devices provide great picture quality despite duplicating the video on many displays. Any professional display system requiring the same picture on several monitors such as CCTV and home theatre segments; rental and staging applications; and video duplication and recording studios are well suited to use these splitters. Additionally, digital signage solutions in restaurants, bars, hotels, classrooms, conference centers, command centers, training facilities, financial institutions and offices where video needs to be distributed to many displays are ideal places for the Video splitter.

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Ghost Pictures Show

Do you know how easy it is to make fake ghost photos and videos?

With a camera, a microphone, and the right software (e.g., Photoshop and some video-editing software) anyone can make fake ghost pictures, videos, and sounds. And did you ever notice that most ghost pictures are small, dark, blurry, and blocky? People do this on purpose to make it harder to tell that it’s fake. Apparently, all ghosts come in different forms, so the fake picture doesn’t even have to look like anything, it just has to be wierd! A skilled photoshop user can make fake ghost pictures with ease!


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