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by admin on May 1, 2010

ghost perfume

ghost perfume

When the Gates of Hell are Left Open


The Hungry Ghost Festival is an important Buddhist and Taoist festival in Hong Kong, according to Chinese Buddhist tradition the Hungry Ghosts are described as restless sprits mostly those who were not afforded a proper burial. To stop these restless spirits from causing trouble to the living community the Chinese conduct an elaborate festival that offers gifts to appease the spirits.


Every year during the seventh lunar month, which corresponds to July or August on the western calendar, locals believe that the gates of hell are open, which allows these ghosts to travel to realm of the living. During this period the Hungry Ghost Festival or Yue Lan is held for a period of three days all over Hong Kong. The festival is similar to the South American tradition of holding a parade for dead souls and is sometimes referred to as the Chinese Halloween.


Paper models of television sets and radios are made with a lot of attention to detail, paper money is printed and sometimes even large papier-mâché cars and bikes are built. The people of Hong Kong later burn these creations as offerings and believe that the fumes reach the realm of the dead. They believe that this will help the spirits live comfortably, sometimes presents are sent to the spirits through fire thus items of clothing and food are burnt.


The Chinese also believe in a particularly powerful spirit known as Taai Si Wong, they believe that he looks over the festival to determine whether it is conducted properly. A special effigy of Taai Si Wong is built using perfumed paper and burned at the end of the festival to send back to through the gates of hell to the afterworld. Most of the festival activities are centered on King George V Memorial Park in Kowloon, where large altars of bamboo are erected. Taoist priests recite sacred hymns from their holy books while sitting on these alters to help the passage of the ghosts back to the afterworld. They also pray for peace and ask the ghosts not to disturb the tranquility of the living realm.


A hotel in Hong Kong that is located close to where the festival takes place is Hotel Jen. This is a contemporary hotel in Hong Kong that offers great access to the city’s attractions as well as proving comfortable accommodation.

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