Ghost Hunting York

by admin on March 12, 2010

ghost hunting york

ghost hunting york

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Where are places I can pay to stay for a couple days in hopes of experiencing a haunting or ghosts?

I’m interested in taking a trip to a “truly haunted” place (kinda like The Blair Witch thing) where I can stay or camp outside with a couple of friends and some ghost hunting tools, maybe even conjuring up some spirits and getting the experience of a lifetime(the scarier the better). I’ve heard of a haunted cruise ship where they let you stay there, but cant remember the name or location of it. I live in New York and would like to plan a trip/experience within the next 6 months. Got freaked out watching the Celebrity Paranormal Project that had Evander Holyfield-Wee man -and Debra wilson the other night and what happend there would be perfect(they never finished the episode and got the hell outta there halfway thru the show)Where can I go?

Well there is the Tower of London Located in London, England, or Lincoln Theater, Located in Decatur, Illinois, Moore Home / Ax Murder House, Located in Villisca, Iowa,Gettysburg Battlefield, Located in southern Pennsylvania, Alcatraz, Located in the San Francisco (I can tell you for a fact that it is haunted I want to go back again some day), California, Winchester Mansion, Located in San Jose, California, OR Just go to Louisiana,

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