Ghost Hunting Weekends In Uk

by admin on March 18, 2010

ghost hunting weekends in uk

ghost hunting weekends in uk

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stay at the most haunted castle in Britain,

Where can we go ‘ghost hunting’ in and around Leeds, Uk?

The other weekend myself and 4 friends were bored on night , so we all decided to jump in the car and visit some spooky haunts for a bit of fun.

We had no idea where to start, we had heard of a deserted village near Adel, went there but could find nothing.
So we ended up at Towton Battlefield outside of Aberford. That was pretty scary, down pitch black country road knowing that over 20,000 people lost their lives there.

We want to try somewhere else next time but have no idea where to start.

Please dont suggest any buildings that we can not get anywhere near or into

Anyone know anywhere?
Ha, i know theres ‘no such things as ghosts’ its just a bit of fun, a couple of my friends get a bit spooked and i find it amusing.

Yvette Fielding, yehhhh good one…

There are no ghosts.. now it is up to you whether you hunt them or not..

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