Ghost Hunting Voice Recorder

by admin on May 30, 2010

ghost hunting voice recorder

ghost hunting voice recorder

A Ray of Hope

I’m walking to my local small graveyard on a warm summer night with my voice recorder in hand. Crickets are chirping from places unknown by me. I am excited about the potential of a possible meeting with the supernaturals that might be hovering amongst it. Such a short trip for so much excitement.

A small brick wall that leads up to these holy tombs entices me to invade this holy sacred ground in a curtious and respectfull manner. The ghost hunt begins as I whisper questions in hopes of a faint answer. Silence follows, only the soft warm summer breeze and crickets answer me. Dissapointment tickles me now like a feather to my nose. But then I hear amongst the warm silence a ghastly voice. Perhaps it was the living across the road where a small light shone through the upstairs window. Or maybe, a supernatural voice ordering me to leave that very moment. I don’t know.

The ground is soft beneath me and the air is so soothing. I can’t help but wonder where did that unmarked voice eminate from ? A question that can not be answered by me. But by those who can understand.Excited by the possibilities, I a meander home wondering when will be my next dance with the invisible.

The moon glistens off the knob of my door. I sit down from a long days work. I have forgotten about my recorder. Could it have pickend up proof of kindly voices? Only scratches reply. But I wonder why is the red light on? It showed no signs of life when I entered the crooked tombs. Maybe it’s a ray of hope across the widen sky.

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Paranormal Investigation Voice Recorder?

I can’t seem to find a voice recorder that is cheap, will play back & that i could use for my paranormal investigation team! I also wanted to know some easy cheap portible things i could use for ghost hunting thanks!!!

I personally prefer to use a very basic digital voice recorder that can be picked up very easily. Is about 3-4 inches long and about 1 1/2 – 2 inches wide. It picks up quite well and can be very sensitive in picking up sounds around you. I also use basic digital cameras that I can charge the battery for it and I also have one that used regular AA batteries. I like both of them I just use the one that best suits the situation (how much light do i really need, how much time do I need on battery life, how small do I need it to be, etc). I actually have some pictures posted on my group’s web pagee that can show you how well those basic digital cameras do.

Take a look and see if that helps on that end. In addition to cameras and voice recorders, we use a basic K-II meter that is not too big and bulky so it can be used in conjunction with other pieces of equipment at once. Personally, I also carry a few crystals for protection and always spare batteries (for cameras, recorders, and flashlights). Hope that helps.

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