Ghost Hunting Videos

by admin on May 20, 2010

ghost hunting videos

ghost hunting videos

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tell me what you think about the paranormal and other unknown?

ive experienced a few paranormal things, from ghost activity and quite the adrenaline rush..gets your heart going..ive got video proof that ghosts are real so i dont wanna hear from people that dont believe in them. just share your experiences. and what you think about this? leprochauns and pixies (fairies) are real! i never thought so either..until i found out.
medication? you pretty much have to be dumb not to accept that ghosts and spirits are real if you are a christian and believe in God. The Holy Spirit retard. wake up and see the light. and i dont “invite spirits in” as you say. for theyre here,theyre all around us.i just embrace them. no harm done experimenting with them. there is a difference between ghosts and spirits than demons. i dont go around looking for demons or accepting them or anything.

I definitely believe in the paranormal. Recently we have been experiencing unexplained events in my house. One guest said she even saw a person in the hallway during a night’s stay.

I also live close to the Surratt house outside of Washington D.C. there have been several known ghosts to haunt the establishment and having driven past it I swear I have seen things.

I even went on the ghost tour to the Whaley house in San Diego, hoping to feel something during the trip, to no avail.

I love the show Ghosthunters and other haunting shows like that. It really opens the mind. Video proof huh? That’s rare. I am worried about capturing stuff like that, just in audio, EVP freaks me out.

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