Ghost Hunting Uk

by admin on July 13, 2010

ghost hunting uk

ghost hunting uk

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Ghost Hunting 101 False Anomalies

Ghost Hunts?

Anyone been on a ghost hunt?? If so where? I am looking for somewhere in UK – Help needed ASAP!! Cheers!!

Yeah, I can point you to several websites. Go to Yahoo Search and type in “Ghosts of the UK”. Many sites listed there. I checked out “” and the photograph taken of “Abby ghost at Gastonbury, UK!” is REALLY FASCINATING! Makes me wish I was in the UK right now to investigate it all. Oh, well, I’m here in San Pedro, California, and my very favorite place is the Hotel Queen Mary in Long Beach (about 10 miles away). I have spent many nights in several different first class cabins. I have experienced several ghostly encounters, and one really unbelieveable time when I was awakened by a ghost dog who jumped up and laid across my stomach. He was licking my hand, I could feel his breath and the air moving from his wagging tail. At first I forgot where I was, and I thought it was one of the dogs I housesit with. Without opening my eyes I began petting him with my left hand when I realized that I didn’t know this dog, and I was alone on the Queen Mary! I opened my eyes only to see nothing! My heart was pounding and I was really scared! Even though the cabin was freezing cold, the ghost dog was warm! He kept licking my right hand, and all I could think of was that he was friendly, and warm, but I just wanted him off of me in the worst way. So, I said a few prayers, and did what I would have done if he was a real alive dog. I coaxed him off of me to come lay down next to me to sleep. He then, to my amazement, curled up in the crux of my right arm and seemed to go to sleep himself! He seemed real gentle and sweet, and warm, and so I just closed my eyes and went back to sleep with the ghost dog. When I woke up a little while later, the ghost dog was gone, but I discovered to my horror that I was completely tucked into the bed so tightly, military style, that I could not move! The bedspread (which I had pushed off onto the floor earlier because it was a very warm June night) was now tucked up to my neck!!! I had to turn my body sideways and scooch up to the top of the bed to get out!! Now I panicked! Who tucked me in? The cabin door was bolted from the inside, and I was completely alone! I called my fiance’ and told him to get over there immediately or I was leaving, because I would not stay there another minute alone. I sat up by the open portholes with all the lights on. Just before room service knocked on the door, I heard a loud distinct “ARF”. I thought maybe the cabin next to mine had a dog, but was told later they no longer allow dogs onboard. When my fiance’ got there, there was no “arf” when he knocked, but when he went into the bathroom I looked up at the closed door and for an instant saw the ghost dog with his paws up on the bathroom door, looking back at me with his tail wagging! Later, when my fiance’ and myself were sitting up with our backs to the open portholes, enjoying the gentle cool breeze that had come up, a cardboard advertisement that was on top of the TV rose straight up about 5′ into the air, stopped, froze there, then came forward (against the breeze) toward us, froze again for a few seconds and then dropped onto the deck!! Needless to say, that really spooked us good! We left the Queen Mary at 3:00 A.M. that morning, scared out of our wits. The cabin was B441, and I did go back to that cabin several times after that, but nothing unusual happened. I did discover that on the overhead of that cabin, when the lights were turned off, that a florescent representation of the North Star was painted on it. Also, I later found out that the last Captain of the Queen Mary was allowed to reside in one of the first class cabins with his pet wirehair terrier until he passed away! Whooooooooo! Was it the Captain who tucked me into the bed? This really, really, really happened!!! Guess I don’t have to travel to the UK to hunt ghosts after all! Enjoy your ghost hunting!

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